Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I attempted to post some photos of Glenys from last night but my computer at home(where the photos are) wouldn't cooperate. When I lie in bed at night I think of all these things I want to post about but when I get to where I can I forget them.

I have had some strange dreams lately. I usually remember all of my dreams but they come back to me at times where I haven't anything to copy them down. Last night's dream I remember, however; I dreamed that my parents were at a friend's house with Glenys. As I drove down this street the houses in this dream neighborhood were painted (looked like a hallway not a street) yellow and a beautiful red. I will say that lately in my dreams I either feel condemnation or fear. Last night was condemnation. I couldn't figure out why my parents were at this friend's home and why I felt so guilty that they were there. In my dream I happened upon them accidentally. I was looking for something else. Then I went to work at an Irish bar near a Catholic Church I know about.

It was weird. I am not Catholic, I don't go to bars, I don't work in bars and this friend of mine doesn't live anywhere around me. Oh and I dream in color and have real conversations even if they are non-sense upon waking. I have also woken myself up in tears, laughing or talking. I also remember dreams from a long time ago with all of the emotion of the dream intact.

When I was little I dreamed that there were snakes all over the yard and my dad had to carry us all to the car for Sunday School. It was awful. I was under 6 years old when I had this dream. It also was a recurring dream. I have several versions of recurring dreams.

I am not sure how many people are able to dream as I do; I suspect there are a ton of people. I do know that not everyone dreams in color though. I also dream more frequently in times of stress. During one particularly stressful time I would dream the recurring dream of being in high school and failing a subject that I was truly really good in. That would happen quite a bit. Again the condemnation theme runs through the dream.

Last night's dream wasn't the worst. After reading a book on 6 Christian Characters found in women of the Bible or of history I dreamed that my sister, mom and I were on a boat and were being carried into the arena in Rome to be killed by bears and mad cows. It was horrible and I couldn't stop my mom and sister from being taken in.

I have dreamed that my mom jumped off an overpass in our hometown for no reason. I have dreamed that my cats, dressed as Puss 'N Boots, rowed away in a boat and sang a goodbye song. I woke up crying that time too and woke my mom up too. I was 21 or so. Of course when I told my mom what I dreamed then I realized how stupid it was. But the sorrow and grief I felt for my cats leaving was immense.

The worst part of my dreams is when I have a good dream I don't remember it at all. I woke myself up laughing Sunday in the middle of my nap. Yes I sleep that deeply when I take a nap too. So although my dreams seem like they last the whole night I know they are usually very short. I have also had times when I couldn't wake up or when I could see in my dreams but couldn't open my eyes in my dreams either no matter how much I tried.

I guess another good thing about my dreams is that places I have been stay alive there. The church I grew up in remains active in my dreams even though it burned in 1995. I can remember the outline and layout of the whole church just from my dreams. Obviously my memory is way more active in my dreams than in real life!! It is difficult to remember much now in my high stress life.

Now tell me about your dreams.


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