Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First Thing

So have you ever worked someplace where you really hated the work itself but you really liked the people and the people made it okay to stay too long? That was gmark. I really liked some of the people there and am still good friends with a few. Well it seems to be the total opposite at First Thing. I really like the work, not so much the people.

They seem to do the very things that annoy me. One thing is they ask me inane questions just to have something to say. My whole philosophy has been if you say hello to me or I to you once in the day, don't talk to me unless you have something really important to say.

Never, ever, ever comment on my food, lunch, groceries or anything that I consume in that venue. If I don't participate in the group lunch, don't ask me why and don't assume I don't like what is being served. It may be that I just don't like the people I would have to eat with. It also may be that I am broke (despite my darling daughter's assessment) and I choose not to spend what little I can scrounge to spend lunch with people I dislike.

Please don't back stab. I could care less what your feelings are toward me but don't stab me in the back. Also, don't slam doors around me or forcefully throw things around because I am not doing the job you thought I was employed to do. That was your mistake not mine. Don't assume because I sit at a particular desk I will do that desk's function. I wasn't employed for this don't be ugly because I wasn't. Tell me to my face what your problem is; no talking behind my back!!!

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A Special Family said...

I have missed your blog during my 3 weeks with no internet!
I am in a similar situation. I like the work I do (although would prefer it be more diverse) but my co-workers and some of the people I have to work with drive me around the bend!!!!! They make ludicrous comments about people, different cultures, adoption etc!!