Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Friday Evening

Chasing the dog under the table (above) and marching around the living room furniture (below).

G and I spent some time Friday night, 6 hours, at a friend's house. There were 6 adopted Chinese kids, the youngest being 2 in October '06, and one waiting mom. It was a mom's night out with the kids supervised by us all. G had so much fun. She had one melt down on the potty because she was calling for me but I didn't hear her. When I found her another little girl was patting her on the leg trying to calm her. It was sweet but I hate I couldn't hear her. I told her already not to go potty unless she told me then I would at least know to go in to look for her.

The hosts have an elderly dog and at one point all the girls were chasing him to the point that the dog started snipping at them. These are some of the pictures from the evening. Again we left the child's room a total wreck.

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