Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday, thank goodness

So this weekend we will be alone, no grandparents around to visit. Our plans are to clean the house. 3 inside long haired animals are creating mini-versions of themselves all over in the corners.

Then while on a singles adoption group I found out about a food ministry that sells food at a discount to anyone who wants to purchase it. So this past month my mom and I did. I pick it up tomorrow. After passing the info around I am finding people who I trust that purchase this. Some of the people are wealthy which explains why they are wealthy. The ministry is

Both Sat and Sun we will be taking naps. We both need them. Glenys is getting snotty again and I am developing the tale-tale sore throat. Please, God, don't let us get sick. I am so broke a dr visit is out of the question. I can't even buy ty*lenol for the leg aches Glenys has at night. If only the house would sell!! That would help a little bit.

I think I am going to check out Craig's list. I have a treadmill to sell and a few framed prints to sell. I need to look into how to list it and not have my info stolen like it was on E*bay!! What a nightmare for me but especially the people in Italy buying electronic equipment cheap. I saved the e-mails from the time. I no longer buy or sell on e*bay. Don't fault them but it was difficult to get help initially.

What else is there to talk about? The post about the co-workers, I need to update it in that there are 3 people I really like here. One is a single mom who adopted a little boy via foster care system out of FL. Then one is a single mom who is currently trying to adopt via the foster care system in AR. The other is a single mom who is recently divorced with kids. See a pattern. We single moms need to stick together.

Some of the older ladies I am offensive too in my music choices. I can't not have music while I work. I have to play CDs. My music is eclectic like my whole life. One of the ladies is very passive aggressive and does or says things to let me know how displeased she is. Oh well.

Today is payday. My check didn't go as far as I needed it to and next check won't either. I am contemplating calling my student loans and asking for a deferment until the house sells. That is only a temporary fix and not a good one. Hate to complain and can't borrow anymore from the 'rents. Last time I approached the subject I was basically scolded. As hard as it is to admit I need help, to be scolded sealed the fact that I will not ever ask again. I would rather pay things late than do so again.

Anyhoo, off on a better note. Last night, Glenys wanted to talk a question again and when I asked what kind she said, "green." Oh okay!! So we talked about how Grammie and Grandad are going to meet Mary Poppins this weekend with my nephew and his parents. Glenys said, "our Mary Poppins?" I told her they would have their photo taken with her and maybe Cinderella. It would be even cooler to get an autograph for her but my parents won't think of that. They really aren't the tourist kind.

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I am glad you answered me, though I wonder at how anybody finds anyone in cyberville. I am emotional reading some of your posts (though I dare not take your personality challenge test... wiser still not to post my results). I grew up tough. That means I'm bitter and jaded (as you can probably tell) for a reason. Poor, single income dead beat dad scenario. Remember where I came from so I know where I'm going type of deal. Your daughter is REALLY blessed to have you. (I get even less real estate in our bed). I will follow your blog.
Senja in T.O.

A Special Family said...

Good that you found the food shop. Hoping things pick up soon and the house sells!!

A Special Family said...

p.s. could you rent the house out? I looked into that once!