Sunday, March 04, 2007

From Projectile vomiting to the Zoo

So Friday night I allowed Glenys to spend the night with her grandparents even though one of them has strep. I figured she was already exposed so how could it hurt. Grammie said she would keep her away and elsewhere occupied. So spend the night she did. Glenys needless to say did not like her grandad being sick so she insisted on making him feel better by having him read her books, patting on him, loving on him, playing with him and watching Barney with him. How could that not make him feel better?

I headed out there yesterday morning and we stayed pretty much all day. I got to witness my child being ever so loving with her grandad. She also took a nap on me, cried about her grandad being sick, and taking another nap later on her grandad. But by 5 pm she was sick with a fever, low grade, and around 5:30ish she threw up big all over her and grandad.

Now, it isn't strep apparently stomach bug is going around in her daycare and that is what she had. I say had because this morning, she was fine and had no fever all night. Nor did she throw up again. Before bed last night she ate like 6 saltines and one cup of jello. Grandad is still very sick, not able to go to church this morning.

I promised her that if she felt better and it wasn't cold outside we would go to the zoo. Well, she remembered and we went to the zoo. Beautiful sunshiny day with temps in the high 30s and low 40s. Yes we were crazy but there were a few other crazy people there too some with younger kids than G. I saw a daddy lift up his baby in a car seat/carrier thing to show it the elephants. I didn't see the baby but it was a baby baby. That baby was too young to even see the elephants from that distance.

Anyway, before we got to the polar bears, G decided she was too hungry and needed to go eat. Plus it was getting close to nap time. So we went to eat lunch and she fell asleep in the car on the way home. We moved inside and I was able to nap about an hour myself.

She is "painting" now. Actually, her version of painting is to do a few hand prints then eat what is left of the paint. I mix food coloring with vanilla pudding. One snack cup size and 4 colors. I keep telling her that if she would like to have the pudding without the color she can have it. But I think she likes making herself blue, red, green and yellow. She gets it everywhere and thankfully it washes out pretty well. I prefer this paint for now.

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