Tuesday, March 06, 2007

G update

I was reading back in an older yahoo group post about G and some of the words she says. I have to say that was reason enough to continue posting about her. I forgot how she used to say "oosh" for shoes. So here it goes.

G hates band-aids. Period. She hates them on her and on anyone related to her. Right now she has a cut on her foot that had to have a band-aid, and thankfully I had some care bear ones. The plain ones hurt her foot too much, not that she had a plain one on at anytime however.

She loves seaweed still. She barely remembered eating it before, until this morning. She said, "I still wike seaweed."

She has started correcting me when I pronounce things like she used to, for example, "kennel" she used to say, "kennen". When I tried to say, "kennen" like she did, she looked at me and said, "you not do it wight, it is kennel," with extra emphasis on the "el" sound.

She says, "pooter" for computer and wants me to work on my "pooter" when we are in the living room just hanging out.

She reads to herself, sort of. She makes up sounds or repeats the same phrase on every page.

She says, "sha" or "se se se" and I ask her if she is speaking Chinese. She says yes. No particular rhyme or reason for these words or phrases or even the timing of when she says them.

She, regretfully, has learned about a hot fired temper from me. She also can throw one mean temper tantrum.

She has started recently to hide when going to sleep. Basically, she covers her whole head up when going to sleep. I used to do this too but now I at least need my nose to not be covered. I am afraid to hyperventilate. I worry with her getting too hot. I think the Mulan "uggy man" has scared her pretty good. This hiding is in response to her being scared.

She still adores her grandaddy and when he is sick she just wants "he to make heself peel better." She also wants to make sure grammie makes him feel better too.

She loves to call her grammie and grandad to let them know she poo'ed in the potty. Since she is still potty training I indulge the phone call most of the time. Sadly, it doesn't replace the candy rewards. We have stopped the candy rewards for tee-ing in the potty just by forgetting to give them to her.

She loves "t-shirks". She wants everyone to wear a "t-shirk" especially if she is wearing one.

She is learning to match things now and will pick out the most inane things to tell me matches something else. She is not into the differences yet. I am not sure at what age differences are mastered. I guess first it is just awareness of things then how things look alike or have on the same color then I guess we do what is different between things.

When reading the same books every night, she will tell or ask me the same thing about the same pictures every. single. time. It is enough to drive me crazy. If I skip a page, she says, " wait a minute, wait a minute" and we go back to ask the same question again. She will get very upset if I don't do something the same way too.

She needs predictability and remembers things that I am just sure she wouldn't or shouldn't. She loves sameness. She wants to do "whatever" the same each time we do it. If we go for a walk, we have to go the same way. If we sing a song, we have to sing it the same way. If we listen to a CD we have to listen to the same order of songs and not necessarily the way it is recorded. Heaven forbid we do something out of her "normal" order of things.

She knows and says happily for now, "I have two mommies. A foster mommy in China and you." I tell her, "Yes and I am your forever mommy." She doesn't yet understand or comprehend forever or a long time yet.

She says, "Last time" or "Yesterday" when she wants to indicate that she did something in a past event.

She has "much hair" now but didn't have "much hair" in China.

She loves to see herself on the camera and will wave to herself.

The G she sees in a mirror is very mean to her. She will say, "That dennis hit me." She calls herself, Dennis. "Gl" is not in her language yet. Yes she still refers to herself in third party.

She is so much fun. She is a handful. She is my most precious child. She is going to only, "grow up just a little bit." At each stage I will miss the baby she is growing out of but I enjoy the new child she is growing into.

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