Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let's "talk a question"

Last night while attempting to fall asleep, Glenys got upset and said, "Mommy, I want you to talk a question to me." Okay, so we already talked about her getting in trouble at daycare and how I do not want her to hang out with the girls with whom she got in trouble. So I said, "What kind of talk a question do you want?" She said, "blue one."

So after several tries and offers of many colors of talk a questions I asked about what color birthday cake she will want for her birthday. She told me a blue one. Then she told me that she wanted her "best friend Maddie" to have a pink one. Her "best friend Meghan" to have a red one. Morgan to have an orange one. Kavin to have a white one. Allisha to have a pink one. So she is talking about cupcakes to bring to her friends for her birthday. Then she said she wants me to bring juice, chips, and ice cream to her birthday. So I guess we have a plan. I just wish we had the money to proceed.

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