Monday, March 19, 2007

The Letter to Wuzhou and the Foster Family

I am hoping my agency will have this translated to send to the orphanage in Wuzhou and I pray the orphanage staff will give this to G' foster family. Yes it sounds dry but really it was written very simply (I hope) for ease of translation only. How do you pour out the amount of love and emotion deserved in a letter to be translated? I can't do it; I am just not that eloquent.

To: the Foster Parents of Wu Bao Jiang and to the Director and Staff of the Wuzhou SWI

From: Beverly Moore, the very proud mom of Wu Bao Jiang, also knows as G

Regarding: Wu Bao Jiang, adopted July 26, 2005 in Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region, PRC

I am sending some artwork, this photo album and some loose photos of Bao Jiang. The dates of the album photos are July 21, 2005 through March 3, 2007. I would like for her Foster Family to have the album. Bao Jiang knows about her foster mommy and although I don’t know her (the foster mother’s) name I do have her picture. I do show Bao Jiang the photo of her and her foster mother.

We have done many different activities since we came home on August 5, 2005. Bao Jiang loves to go to the zoo and see the pandas. The Memphis Zoo has 2 pandas. We attend many different Chinese events and festivals sponsored by Families with Chinese Children of Memphis. We regularly spend time with some of our travel mates and other children adopted from China.

Some of the festivals we do attend are the Dragon Boat festival, the Harvest Moon festival, Chinese New Year and other smaller events specifically for children her age. We spend time talking about what the festivals mean and how we celebrate these festivals in the USA.

Bao Jiang will be 3 years old in April. We celebrated her 2 year birthday in 2006 with 2 parties. This year she only wants her cousins Mattie and Cole to attend but we will still have cupcakes and a small party for her pre-school class.

Bao Jiang currently plays with stuffed teddy bears called Care Bears. She prefers the stuffed animals to baby dolls. She has many Asian baby dolls and a few Caucasian baby dolls. She can say the months of the year and all of her English alphabet. She can count to 10 in Mandarin and can say many of her colors in Mandarin.

One of her favorite books is My Chinese New Year and she can say Happy New Year in Cantonese. She is not old enough yet to attend Chinese pre-school but we hope to do so as soon as she is old enough.

Bao Jiang and I attend church regularly and she really enjoys her Sunday School class and friends. She is very creative and enjoys doing the crafts in class. Bao Jiang is also very active and vivacious. She enjoys movies Disney movies like Cinderella and Mary Poppins. She enjoys Barney videos, Dora the Explorer videos, Learning Chinese with Mei Mei videos, and Blues Clues videos.

Bao Jiang is very independent and enjoys accomplishing tasks on her own. She can be very helpful at times. She enjoys playing outside, riding her tricycle, playing in the sand box, riding in the wagon, and taking walks. Bao Jiang has two cats and one dog. They live inside with us and sleep with us most of the time. She loves her cats and dog and can call them by name. The cats are named Simon and Abigail and the dog is named Clementine. She helps feed them every night.

Bao Jiang is very close to her maternal grandparents, and she is able to spend one night a week with them, usually Friday nights. Bao Jiang loves to work puzzles with her granddad and grammie. Bao Jiang is a very precise child wishing everything to be done the same way each time. If I were to predict a future for Bao Jiang it would be a future in a precise field like engineering or mathematics. Of course I will promote whatever future she wishes and help her attain all the education she needs to fulfill her dreams. She talks about visiting China one day and she talks about herself being from China.

I can not thank Wuzhou SWI staff and Bao Jiang’s foster family enough for the love and care provided to her during her time in China. I treasure the time I spent there and regret not taking more time to explore more of China. One day I hope to bring her back on a tour and possibly a reunion with the staff and foster family. As she is only 3 years old now, it will be a while yet but hopefully by the time she is 10 we will have already toured or will be on the way.


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