Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday, Monday....

I had a great time Friday night seeing some old friends from parole. I ended up missing the family returning from China. I am sure they were too tired and don't mind. I hope to catch them this weekend.

Anyway after my friends from parole visit I met a couple friend of mine to have dinner. After dinner the wife of this couple and I headed for coffee. The wife and I used to work at the same company and have trained for and ran 2 marathons together. She ran the second one due to stress fracture on my part. Anyway, I got home at midnight and to bed at midnight thirty. Needless to say the 4 hour nap I took on Saturday was very needed.

There are many changes at my old company that directly affect her. Some of the changes are good and some bad. She herself received a promotion that is actually not a good thing as with this company any move up means entering a world of micro management and control of personal lives by the owner. The good is another ex-coworker was moved into her department over a silly something but that will be good for this person as it is less responsibility and less face/phone time with some of the major a-holes of said company, the owner being one of them.

Catching up with my parole friends was fun. One of the girls I shared an office with who is basically the antithesis of me is now the curator of the Stax Museum. Pretty cool. Our differences I guess helped to make us friends. We sort of lost contact after she left parole and after I left parole so when we do catch up it is nice to see her.

I had a video of G so I was able to show how cute she is. Most of these people are not so much anti-children but not so much wanting children. So my being a mom is a new phenomena to these people. The fact that I actually wanted to be a mom really throws them for a loop.

I did manage to get pics of some of my parole friends with me so I will post them soon. I doubt anyone will recognize them but if they are recognized I will take them down. I wouldn't want to mess with anyone's privacy. I also have some fun photos of G I need to download but haven't had the time.

First Thing is crazy. Not in the psychologically damaging way that gmark was but definitely crazy. I am truly amazed that any project is completed or started or even progresses normally here. I have been warned to watch my back from back stabbers. I have been notified that stepping on toes is unacceptable and that people here are afraid of new employees due to the stepping on toes part. 

I have been shunned (not such a big deal), ignored directly and been told to do totally different things by two different "heads". To top all that, the salary isn't enough and I think I am overdrawn at the bank. Oh well. Things have got to get better, right?

Hopefully this week will get much better.

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