Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More of G

Today is a beautiful day and would have been nice to kept G home just to play. She had to go to school though because I have to go to work. Good thing her "best fwiend Maddie" was there. It is funny to hear her at not yet three talk about "my best fwiend Maddie and my best fwiend Megan." Everyone else in her class is a monster. To some extent it is the truth.

G loves her lady bug blanket. It had to be washed twice on Saturday and that was not pleasant. She didn't cry but she sure did miss it. She talks to it like it is a real person too. She loves on it and talks about it. She wants me to write its name. She is very funny.

She is not into naming things yet. She call her share bear, purple bear. I have started telling her that purple bear's other name is Share Bear so she can get used to knowing two names. Like my other name is B. She named her unicorn "mommy" this morning. She just grinned that shy grin when she told me its name was mommy.

Off she went to school today in her short sleeved "t-shirk" with pandas on it. She took a stuffed unicorn to take a nap with. She leaves her lady bug blanket in the car with mommy because one of the other kids might take it. I have no idea what happened to her juice. I think it is in her car seat. She really is the sweetest kiddo in the world. I fall in love with her every day. She asked me last night if I missed her yesterday, and you know I did really miss her. I couldn't wait to see her after work. Funny how that is. Motherhood is great.

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A Special Family said...

I found your blog via Amy's! I just read a couple posts, your blog is great. I can't wait for motherhood. I am a single, who should have a referral December or January. I can't wait!
Your daughter is beautiful :)