Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More pics from Friday and adoption meeting

Okay where is that dog?" St. Patrick, I think he invented this green icing".
Pause in the parade please, potential balloon float issues.

Tonight I held an adoption information meeting for my agency. It was nice except for one dirstraction. Two interested couples attended. One was a Lutheran pastor and his wife and the other a young couple from the host church where I held the meeting. Grandad kept G for me and has ended up keeping her all night which is a big deal since Grammie is in "aginia" (Virginia) visiting her sister.

There was also a (distraction) young co-ed and her mother there. The mother had called me and asked if her daughter could come because she was doing a college paper on speakers. This area doesn't really have a lot of "speakers" per se so I agreed and now regret that decision. This girl has a best friend who was adopted from Korea through Holt Int. I don't represent Holt and didn't use Holt. I know people who have used Holt and have been happy with them; I didn't so can't speak to it. As I kick the meeting off she immediately asks about Korean adoption and tells the whole story of her best friend and asks about Holt. Then she proceeds to say the most ridiculous things. My dad brought G to the meeting early as the "show stopper" and this girl says, "looks just like 'friend'". Okay yeah if G were Korean and if all Asians looked alike, sure.

So I try to muddle through the program guide and field questions as I go and then I notice that this girl has her mother taking notes. Not the girl doing the paper but the mother. My mother never took notes for me ever. EVER. Then this girl proceeds to ask me in front of these couples, "Why do most people adopt? Can't they have babies of their own? I think if you can you should. My boyfriend is adopted." I tried really hard not to roll my eyes because they would have gotten stuck. I just said that adoption is a very personal decision that is made within a family and is not an alternative method of having children. I don't know why these couples were there??? I assume they want to adopt. I don't assume they can't have biological children.

Some other ridiculous things she asked about the birth family and foster family, not in and of itself ridiculous but the phrasing of the questions within her friend's story was weird. I will no longer allow another student to come unless I specify they may not ask questions until all other participant are gone. Chicky's paper was not even on adoption but on methods of speaking. Her paper was on me as a speaker and the methods I used to communicate ie, video, handouts etc. Bringing Holt into the topic was sooo unnecessary. Then to ask questions about Korean adoption which my agency doesn't do was rude I thought. I wanted to tell her to go ask her friend's adoptive family about it all.

Anyway, I am staying up too late. Grandad is bringing G home in her jammas tomorrow for me to get her ready to go to school. I better go to bed and take advantage of having the bed to myself, well with me the cats and dog.

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