Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Oak Milk" it's what's for breakfast

G is so funny in her pronunciation and I have a good time trying to decipher most of the time. This morning she decided to forgo her normal waffle/french toast and have "oak milk" like me. Due to being out of cereal and money I have been eating oat meal every morning. So that is the translation. I had no idea what she was wanting at first and it took three tries on my part to figure it out. Actually, she didn't like it and didn't finish it. So I guess tomorrow it is back to waffle or french toast.

Next funny translation was listening to the They Might Be Giant's "No" CD on the way to school. There is a song about a boy waiting for a girl for a 2 o'clock date. He is 4 mins early and in the song he talks about getting tired and lying on the sidewalk to wait. G said something to the effect of "he falled on the ground" but it was more garbled. When I finally repeated the scenario she was trying to say she was giggling about it. "That was punny," she said.

I love how her "f"s come out as "p"s. Her "g"s are all coming out as "d"s which makes her name sound like "Dennis". Oh well. She will grow out of it too.

Lately, she has become really whiny and I will tell her not to be grumpy or whiny and in the whiniest voice she says, "I no wanna be grumpy/whiny." So I tell her to just stop it then. Well the whiny was picked up on by my parents last night. We tend to reinforce it though with doing whatever it is to stop the whine. Oh my, I have a lot of work to do and any suggestions will be helpful.

The other thing she does is ask, "What is Dennis doing?" or "What does Dennis want mommy to do?" or something along those lines. She usually asks after I have reprimanded her or asked her to do something. It is pretty funny when she does it. I don't even know how she got started doing it. Sometimes the answer is "G is being silly." Then she laughs.

At my parents last night G hit me and said, "I kill you." Although it didn't sound like that until she said, "I kill you like a butterfly." OOOOHHHH WTF? She couldn't even tell me where she heard it. At home I had to explain that when someone is killed, then they are dead. I told her if she were dead then she couldn't see Grammie, Grandad, Mommy, C or M. She added "I can't see my puppy or Simon or JoJo?" I told her that to say that to someone was very ugly and that she should never say that. Of course this all happened the day after she bit her friend. We are trading one woe for another seems like.

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Rhonda said...

Ohhh the whining. I can SO relate. It drives me crazeeeee.