Thursday, March 22, 2007

One more month and I am together

One month from today I will officially be the mom to a 3 year old. Technically it could be one month from any day around this day as Glenys has an estimated DOB. But based on last year's response to her own birthday party we aren't going to have a birthday party other than family. We will only go to two birthday parties this year, one in April and one in November. Maybe next year we will be back on the birthday circuit.

Two months from tomorrow I received Glenys' referral. I hope I can talk the Grandparents into going to the Cracker Barrel to celebrate since that was where we opened it the night I received it. We shall see.

On the way home from picking Glenys up from day care, she asked if I bought any paints. I told her that I didn't that I didn't have any money. Then I said, "I am broke." She said, "You not broke mommy, you are togedor." So I guess reality is I am together.


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kris said...

That is SO cute (being togedor). Glad your not broke... at least not in the way Glenys would imagine you to be!