Thursday, March 01, 2007


I ran/walked last night too for almost 20 mins. Well, it was closer to 20 mins than 15. Felt good but my legs are a bit sore. Funny how no exercise will do that to ya! Anyhoo, G ate dinner with her grandad and then we stayed for church. She stays with the adults when we go to church and she is very good. She is a typical toddler but she sits quietly and draws switching pens between herself, grandad, me and grammie. We are the most distracted rather than any other person. It was a good night.

First Thing is now sort of on the go side. I have started the scan process and it will take a while. This company is very non-structured, non-threatening, fearful of change, etc. Also, there are too many chiefs not enough indians. I don't mind being an indian but I do mind being criticised for trying to help. I was told not to try to take some one's job away. I didn't even know someone was doing this particular job. So, when it comes to decisions, no one makes one. When it comes to offering to help, you step on toes. When it comes to contacting people, no one knows a number. It seems to be field personnel vs staff. Inside staff it is management vs clerical. Strange no one really supports the others.

I will stick it out. I need the money. Now if the house will sell.

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