Sunday, April 22, 2007

3rd And Final Party

Blowing out the candles and playing in the shabin' cream.

Let me explain, Glenys had 3 parties by default of where our friends and family are. She had cupcakes at school because those were the kids she sees everyday but only at school. Then we have our Chinese sisters who are actually who we would want to have a main party with and in addition it includes a few non Chinese boys that we like. Then my parents have a friend who wanted to come to her birthday party. That is the 3rd party. We just had lunch and opened presents from the parents and friends.

So in essence it isn't actually 3 birthday parties but we did have cupcakes and/or birthday cakes at all of them. I will have pictures soon. So basically we called them all parties but they weren't truly big parties. The zoo was the most fun because of the merry-go-round.

Glenys has gotten some really nice things. She ended up getting 3 cans of shaving cream. She loves playing with shaving cream.

2 comments: said...

You already know what I'm thinkin'.

BTW, all persons carrying shaving cream into MY premises will be frisked, strip searched and get a security escort outside. I see only bad things coming with that in the hands of my children.
Don't worry, snark is never too far away on my end. I like rattlin' the cage sometimes with sentiment.

Diana said...

Okay what is with the shaving cream and when did it become a creative substance for kids? And why wasn't I informed? There are a few sites that I've seen toddlers playing merrily with shaving cream. Today, Daddy used a funny voice with his face full of the white stuff and Sophia had to be medicated to stop her from crying in fear.
When exactly IS Glenys' birthday? With so many parties I am confused?