Thursday, April 26, 2007

As Promised

Pictures from the report and one just for fun.
The drawn pic is what the foster mom hoped for Glenys. See I am Chinese and single and Glenys is a little girl with hair not a bald baby. So I am single though not Chinese. We don't have a scooter but Glenys does have a 4-wheeler. We do have a house and the sun shines a lot really and metaphorically. We don't have any bonsai trees but I do love plants. Boy this FM had it right.

Notice the "USA" in the scooter.

Last night when Glenys was having her private moment that I am now blasting on the net, Simon, decided to join her. Simon was extremely needy last night and even got in Glenys' lap with all 4 feet at one point.

updated 4/2014: pictures have disappeared from the blog for unknown reasons.

3 comments: said...

Now that's a great way to 'tie' em down to the loo. Great idea.. though Reno is 98lb (lost 2.2lbs so far on new carb free diet). Think the girls will mind?
SUPER shot.

Diana said...

A GREAT shot! I am dreading the day I have to start potty training!!

kris said...

My cat is the same way... always interupting potty time. I think he just knows he gets me alone, even if only for a few seconds. He has this bulldog to compete with all the time!

Cool drawing too... lots of hope in that.