Monday, April 16, 2007

being killed by horseys, almost

Okay so Saturday, the birthday bash was at a public park near a horse show arena. The city decided last week to tear up the parking lot and access to the park and with the rain, the party was moved into a small room normally used during a horse show for concessions. Also, the torn up parking area restricted access to the new party location so that all party goers had to use the horse show arena access. Well, horse show participants used the access and subsequent grassy areas to feed the horses before the show. As we walked back from a party kiddy train ride, and were directly behind the horse about 6 feet away the horse, the horse was spooked by some kids yelling and the train bell (I think). All I know is as I held Glenys in my right arm, dodging horse poo, another single mom and her daughter were beside us, she says, "watch out."

I look up in time to see the rear of the horse literally an inch or so from me. The slow motion effect of that with the accompanying realization that we were about to be trampled and my totally inability at that moment to protect us is very difficult to comprehend or explain. As the rider attempted to get the horse under control I turned around in time to see the horse literally fling the rider through the air as she hung on to the reigns. I imagine the rider was shaken up too. My single adoptive mom friend actually cried. I just went pale and thankfully, Glenys didn't sense or at least I don't think she did the seriousness of the situation. I told her about it and I was nauseated. Glenys still asks about the horsey and where is the horsey and did that mommy take that horsey home?

I don't much care for horses anyway. I like watching them from afar. So one more thing I will put the fear of horses in Glenys as I don't wish her to be a rider anyway!!

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