Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Best gift possible

I just received in the mail the best gift I could have. I participated in a language study through the Snedeker lab in Harvard. Well I guess G and I did. I just received all of the tapes from that study. Each month I recorded between 40 mins and 1 hour of play with G. The lab sent a box of toys and G played with those specifically. I completed a questionnaire about milestones, her words used and longest sentences etc.

She has over 700 words or so in her vocabulary that she uses and/or understands the meaning to but may not use every day. I started the study after being home 6 months and she had less than 100 words; so in 12 months she gained over 600 words. Pretty good huh? The last few months of the study we only played with playdoh because it took the whole time of the recording and I could focus the camera in on her in a stationary position. G actually ended up enjoying being recorded; getting excited about it and everything.

While at lunch I received the box of tapes. I asked them for all of the tapings not just highlights; so there are two recordings per tape. Along with that they sent G a stuffed moose and a T-shirt with "Little Scientist Harvard" on it. A T-shirt, she will be so thrilled. This rounds out our T-shirt number to an even 5 one for each school day, YIPPEE. My goal was reached. Now I need to worry about the pants to go with them.

I watched the first taping and I forgot first how small she was. I also forgot how she played with playdoh and how well she communicated without words!! She was such a doll. She still is but the roundness of her head and the way her hair was so short, she literally looked like a doll. It will be fun to watch these with grammie, grandad and G. Maybe this will be how we spend her birthday, watching her grow up from tape to tape.

The study is on going and I will post a link to the side as soon as I remember to do so. I don't have the link with me right now. It is basically studying how IAs learn language. So far it is confirmed that IAs learn language the same way native speakers do like maybe verbs first or something like This is the e-mail if anyone is interested.


kris said...

What an awesome treasure to have in your hands!! And I can't believe how much she's learned in such a short time!

A Special Family said...

Wow, she sure is talented!!! What a sweetie :)
How lovely to be able to cherish those tapes for the rest of her life!