Thursday, April 12, 2007

A bit disappointed

I received in the mail from Reaserch-China the finding ad for Glenys. I had my hopes up that it would be a color photo from the paper. You know like a copy of the original photo used in the paper not a photo of the ad itself. Then I got the newspaper that had the original finding ad and then maybe the back page of that same paper? Also, a translated copy of the actual finding ad.

It is nice to have but for $80 I am not so sure. I received a photo copy of the finding ad in China and could have had it translated there. I wrongly assumed he had connections or the ability to ask the newspaper archives for the actual copy of the photo which would have been in color. I will say the actual ad is very tiny in the bottom corner of the inside front cover of the paper, Guangxi Daily.

So warning if you plan on getting this, the photo MAY only be a photo of the actual printed ad. Honestly, having the paper is nice as is having the translation. The other, not so much.

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