Monday, April 09, 2007


My grandad is the greatest. He lets me drag him around his house and plays playhouse with me. He lets me climb on his knees and jump on his tummy. He feeds me peanuts and whatever I want. He comes to my defense against my mommy even if I am wrong. He colors with me and plays puzzles with me even when I hide the pieces. He laughs at my silly antics and loves me no matter what. He is my best buddy. He watches Barney the king with me over and over and over again no matter what else might be on. He fixes me breakfast on Saturday mornings. He picks me up from school and takes me to the grocery store. He doesn't even mind if I make him take me to the grocery store bathroom, like I always do. He buys me whatever looks like it might be good even if I don't end up eating it. He reads to me and helps me ride my bicycle all over the yard. I love him the best.

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