Monday, April 09, 2007

At little more of G

This is me and on Sunday morning. I figured out how to use the timer on the ole camera. I will get it more perfected. The big problem too is G is saying "cheese" too early. She is my precious bedecious.

G loves candy. Here she is eating her tootsie rolls from her egg hunt. She will eat candy as long as it is not hard candy. She had an accidental choking experience on a hard candy that scared me and her. She is leery of the hard stuff now.

G has always had a mechanism in place to handle stressful or loud situations. She goes to sleep. When we met in China, I made her spend an afternoon with me without grandad and grammie. All we did was sleep. She would wake up and see me then lay her head down and sleep. I know she thought I would be gone when she opened her eyes so she just kept shutting them to see.

She also did that the last baseball game of the year last year when the fireworks were going off. When she did that Sunday I had to think about why she was asleep, it occurred to me again that loud noises make her sleep. She just becomes extremely overwhelmed and shuts down. My mom's church is sometimes very loud and although the choir and band tries, sometimes there is a discordant sound coming in place of true music. So this shut G down Sunday morning.

I try to keep her pretty even keeled and she doesn't do this at my church but for as large as our church is the music is not loud or overbearing. Just one more reason to make the trek every Sunday into town to go to our beloved church.

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