Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dad update-

So my dad's surgery is scheduled for May 1st the day before his birthday. As he said, "Happy birthday to me." I have already asked off work to sit with my mom and run errands for her or interference if needed.

My dad has always fixed breakfast in the morning since my parents were married. The only exceptions have been during times of travel when others did it and when I have had surgery. When I have been forced not to eat breakfast, my dad would do the same for me and not eat right along with me. So I guess that day I will sacrifice breakfast for him in unity with his impending surgery. Our breakfasts have a long history. During high school, I ate breakfast with my dad every day for 4 years. So call it a connection between a dad and his daughter.

A good night's sleep, talking with other BTDTs and some reassuring e-mails (thanks blogging-nurse friends); I feel better about my dad and the fact that he will be okay at least for this. There is no guarantee obviously for anyone so I will go with what I know.

I must say though the week just gets worse though. Yesterday I found out that two of the children in Glenys' class are moving out of state. These are the only girls approved by me, Mom, to be her best friends forever. Now they are moving. Why couldn't the trouble making girls moving, hmmmm? Other than kidnapping the girls I can't do anything to stop them. Unbelievable, don't they know they can't move for Glenys' sake? Don't these mom's think of anyone other than themselves? I wonder if they would commute.

OOOOOHHHHH MY, life is certainly getting interesting.

1 comment: said...

Trouble makers aren't always social delinquents Beverly. Sometimes we give good blog.
Glenys will certainly miss her buds, but she will make more.
That breakfast story is very touching. Don't worry, not touching myself now. Just trying to cheer you up in my own sick way.
Nurse blogger friend.
I know some big men upstairs, your dad will be fine. I got word.