Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Party

Picking the eggs up but still not sure why. She was shocked that candy was in there. Shocked but very very glad!!
Eating the cookies, cupcake and candies, now that truly makes a party.

Glenys' class had their Easter party complete with an egg hunt. That is really fun since toddlers are really not go getter types. This year at least I only had to explain one time what she was supposed to do. All of the kids in her class brought a dozen eggs so each child was supposed to leave with a dozen eggs. I had her pick up a couple to give to a younger child in her class.

It was and is still cold today. Apparently it will be cold and possibly snowy on Easter morn. We did get the jumper out when we got home. I still have to go finish putting it up. Yucky. It is most difficult to do by myself. I had initially thought I would leave it up but it is supposed to be colder tomorrow and rain so I just won't do that.

Enjoy the photos. Tomorrow cold or not we are going to the zoo. Time to check on the polar bears, pandas and elephants. Also there is a baby giraffe now. We are renewed and ready to go.


A Special Family said...

Enjoy the zoo if you make it :)

jon-n-tracey said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated (and needed!).

Have a wonderful Easter!