Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

Cheese with her new care bears: Harmony and Funshine. Mommy gave her these in her Easter basket. I don't want her to believe in an Easter bunny since Easter is about ressurection. It is different for Christmas as Christmas is about gift giving. Okay so it is another topic altogether.

We went to church with my parents for Easter. Glenys wore her new dress and shoes. She promptly fell asleep on Grandad and slept through the service. Then we all went to eat at a steakhouse and she ate salad and hamburger and fries. Then we went and hunted eggs at Grammie and Grandad's house. She had her Grammie carry her basket for her. It was cold so we dressed rather warmly. Then we sat outside on the patio while she rode her wheeler. We had coffee and finished the peanuts from the steakhouse. Then we all took a nap. It was a very nice Sunday afternoon.

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