Friday, April 13, 2007

Effin e bay

Okay so I cannot be in bidding wars. I don't like the feeling. I lost the camera in the very last minute, no kidding, the last minute and still my final losing bid was more than I wanted to pay. So eff it I purchased a camera via the buy it now method and paid $1 less than the list price at wally world. I am okay with that because I just don't enjoy the rush. My heart is still beating from the last bidding loss. That was about an hour ago.

In China I paid full price for everything because a) it was still not a lot compared to the US of A and b) I hate bidding wars. So one vendor came down from his own price when we didn't bid back. I guess he felt sorry for us. There was nothing I bought (except the stroller at the WS) that I paid too much for. And I did that on the next to last day because one of the side shops said everyone was out of strollers. I guess they were out and didn't want me to go to another expecting me to come back. I will say I love the stroller and so does Glenys especially for zoo days.

See this is one reason I don't gamble or do drugs or shop lift. I can't stand the rush people get from those actions. It is not fun for me!!!!

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ya know, sometimes it's a good thing we don't get want we want off ebay. The one and only time I bid on a chinese screen, my bid was high, and didn't realize til after that it was a "miniature" like in stamp size not wall size. Geeesshhh...sweated that one out until the last minute until someone bid higher. My friends say it's not worth bidding until the last minute of auction. Who can bother with that?