Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Forced Abortions in Guangxi Prov.

"Report of Forced Abortions in Guangxi(via Radio Free Asia, 2007.04.22)Authorities in Guangxi region have forced dozens of pregnant women to a hospital in Baise city to undergo abortions, the women and their relatives said. Several women and their husbands said they were visited last week by officials from the municipal family planning bureau, which is in charge of upholding strict population controls.They all reported the same scenario: the women were bundled aboard a vehicle and taken to a hospital in Baise, where many other pregnant women were crammed into wards and corridors. Their babies were then aborted against their will, they said.Staff at People's Hospital in Baise confirmed Tuesday that the obstetrics and gynecology department was full. "Right now we're in the middle of a family planning foray this month, so beds are very scarce. Suddenly there are so many patients here," she said.An official at the Baise municipal family planning bureau denied the forced abortion drive was taking place. No comment was immediately available from national family planning officials. An official with the municipal family planning office said an investigation was under way.Another official at the provincial family planning office said he knew nothing about the alleged abortion drive.According to official data, in December 2006 Baise's birthrate was13.61 percent compared with 19.7 percent for Guanxi province and 15.87percent for all of China. Why Baise officials would take such stringent measures under these circumstances is unclear."

This is Glenys' province. Wuzhou is in Guangxi Prov. Scary to think that only 3 years earlier this could have happened to Glenys. I imagine their are family planning forays going on periodically that don't hit the news. Guangxi is supposedly autonomous rule at least in some aspects but in a communist country how much is truly autonomous? Maybe the nature of gov't in Guangxi allowed the story to get out of China in the first place. I dunno, maybe.

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So sad, really, propaganda or fact...so sad.