Wednesday, April 11, 2007

G will be turning 3 soon

I have about a week and a half left of G being 2 years old. We have come to an consensus on what she wants for her party. We are doing the main party at her school on Friday with cupcakes and balloons. She wants a blue cupcake and everyone else gets sprinkles. She will get sprinkles too though. Then on Saturday or Sunday afternoon we will have one of our friends over to play and have a family cake. If this is play thing is on Saturday then Sunday we will go to dinner maybe with my parents at a Chinese buffet and I will get the staff to sing Happy Birthday to her in Chinese. She would like that.

In other news, G woke up singing again today. This time it was a song they sing in school:
"good morning G, howdodeedo.
I'm glad to see you, howdodeedo."
I think it is supposed to be "how do you do." But in a two year old's mind it doesn't sound the same. But as someone said, "If she wakes up singing, does it matter that the words are wrong?"

Lets see, we also haven't had a big bad melt down in about 2 days. So I am thinking we are due for one. I made the mistake Monday of taking her to Wally world after school. I say mistake because she has never before realized that the things in the store are for buying for her. She believes that now, and there were very few things that she saw that I shouldn't buy her. This did almost cause a melt down. We did come away with a few DVDs as my VHS is going on the blink we needed some kid things to watch. Granted I am withholding some for prizes, her birthday, referral day and gotcha/family day.

Oh in G's Easter Basket I gave her her very own blue sponge for the bath. I have an orange one that she has been using so now she has her own. Well the last two nights have been interesting because if my orange sponge has more soap bubbles she wants to "switch-fwop". (Yes we do still shower together too only because I won't get a bath if we don't. She takes too long in her bath tub on her own and then there is not enough hot water or time for me. Plus in the morning we seem to be so rushed. How in the helk does it take me 10 mins to walk out the door and get loaded in the car every morning?)

Anyway, I love to hear her say, "switch-fwop." She cracks me up. She also says "ls" like "ys". It is "bayoon" not balloon. It is "yet's" for let's. It is "yove" not love. Oh and the "ys" never come like in "ard" for yard. "Cl" and "Gl" gets her too. It is "Tementine" instead of Clementine (our dog) and "dennis" instead of G. She tries to spell her name and sometimes she adds a few numbers in for fun. Mostly she gets an "X" and a "T" in it. It is very funny to hear.

As soon as I figure out how to post videos I will do so. It isn't really even the posting of the videos as much as the getting them from my camera to my computer to do so. I was never good at reading instructions.

Today her purple bear went to school with her to take a nap. Monday it seems one of her bears kept her awake by talking to her. Every morning I ask her who she is taking to school. She will tell me and say, "Do I already take dis one?" Maybe today she will actually nap and not be kept awake. She is pretty good about it. When I dropped her off this morning I told her who her best friends were. I think I need to reinforce her friends being the sweetest girls so she will stop hanging out with the one I don't care for. We will see how much influence I truly have.

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Looking forward to hearing some of that amazing cute-speak from my grunting whining kids (eventually). Reading that about Glenys makes me just wanna go "awwwww". SO the bears go on roadtrips? Our girls love to take their 'dogs' everywhere too for security. Happy birthday prepping!

Anonymous said...

I can almost hear Glenys' sweet little voice! It is adorable the way little ones speak!