Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday morning and Weekend Recap

Glenys is so ready for her Grandad and Grammie to come home. She has no concept of them flying to CA to see Austin, her cousin. She woke up this morning saying she wanted her "dandad". I told her he was in CA and she said for me to call him. Well that was way to early to call CA. Thankfully I have but two more days until she can see Grammie and Grandad. They will be able to see her Wednesday afternoon at the earliest. If by chance we get up early enough we can stop by Grammie's office on the way to school.

Sunday after church, lunch, coffee shop visit and nap we went to the park to play on the slide. At church we celebrated Palm Sunday and she got to take one of the palm branches with her. She does pretty well at church but we never stay for the whole service. I try to stay until all the points are made then we skedaddle. She even did really well with the palm branch except once when she brushed it against the lady's hair in front of us. OOPS! Thankfully, said lady wasn't upset with us.

I have some great photos of my girl sliding off some of the tallest slides of the playground. She even rode her bicycle all the way there and back. I pushed her along the busy streets and across the streets but that was for safety sake alone. Otherwise she did it all herself. Then we came home and had to visit our neighbor, Mr. Butch, because we weren't really ready to come home.

She has a routine when we go to Mr. Butch's. She goes in, gets the toys, goes to the bathroom (he has a cool fish toilet seat), weighs in on the scale (still a whopping 28 lbs.), explores the house, and plays with the basket ball. He has lived next to my grandmother since I was in kindergarten. He has a son and daughter (both younger than me) and is now divorced, retired and living for his grandchildren of which he has 3.

We then came home, fixed supper, watched a bit of Dumbo, which she liked "bery much", and did our nighttime routine to bed. All in all we have had a pretty excellent weekend; although, I was ready to go to work and send her to school today. We are having our too much togetherness time.

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