Monday, April 16, 2007

Now I really hate ebay

So I purchased a camera via the buy now method. I was still bidding on 3. I just knew I would be out bid so I didn't consider not purchasing the camera. Well, apparently no one bids on Ebay on Friday night. I watched with anxious breath the bidding and now I am the proud owner of 2 pink fisher price tough kid cameras. The pink is the problem. I have a nephew and had I won the blue one I would not be in such a bind. I could conceivably sell the blue one to my mom to send to my nephew for Christmas or b-day in August. Pink is not a boy color though. I am terribly afraid I would offend my brother and sisnlaw with a pink camera. My nephew wouldn't care probably but I don't want any implications.

Why can't the durn cameras just be a neutral color like yellow or green or blue or red? Why pink? Glenys saw a blue one and said, "that is a boy's camera." She is only about to be 3 and already she has assigned color to gender.

I am selling the second one for which I paid over $10 less than the purchase now one for the price of $50 and that includes the shipping. That will recoup my losses if anyone is interested. I did e-mail the seller and tried to explain why I didn't need the pink one. I asked and begged via e-mail for him to send me a blue one. We will see if I receive two pink cameras or one pink and one blue. If I get two pinks, my offer stands. If I get a blue and pink, my nephew will get a camera for his birthday from his very cool aunt and grandparents (together).


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Frankie said...

To add to the ebay sux theme here, they also own they pay other websites to promote affiliat's products then pay the promoters 1p-10p per sale when they receive £6-£500 per sale. They are all about the money, they have changed sooo much since they started up. you should read their book "the perfect store". More like "A quick and easy way to make a load of money, with no customer care". So If your looking for an alternative to ebay, ItchyPig limited run its own auction site Im a co-director, we have just been backed by Northampton university. Theres no final value fees and no listing fees. we make all our money from selling advertising space on the site (but no spyware). Check out the website Cheers for reading. Frank