Thursday, April 12, 2007

Other things

Well we have managed to escape a major melt down yet again. This did require us going to be at 10:30 pm though as we were very busy doing things to keep the melt down from occurring. Of course I told her I would pick her up early today but I am not sure if she remembers it and I don't really want to. She can come hang out here for an hour. She likes school okay until about Thursday and then it is a struggle to get her to go. I guess I better go get her. Thankfully, my work doesn't mind. I won't make it a habit as I get very little done with her here.

Glenys is now tall enough with the help of a stool to turn the water on and off in her bathroom. The cabinets are waist high to me, much taller than the standard bathroom sink cabinets so this is a pretty big accomplishment. Basically this tells me that although she can wear 18 month in the waist, 3T will be the order for the length. I am going to have a great time buying clothes for the next few years!!

I am currently bidding on a Fisher Price digital camera for Glenys on E*BAY. Wish me luck. I need it and am totally nervous. I am bidding on two of them and am the high bidder so far. If I get them both I will send one to my nephew in CA for his birthday in August. I am just that wonderful of an aunt. Those suckers are expensive. Unless the sellers purchased them at a significant discount they will not make their money back from what I am seeing on e*bay.

On other family news, finally, after a three year separation a divorce agreement was reached and has been granted in the marriage dissolution between my sister and her alcoholic FBI husband. Apparently, if the kids choose, they don't have to have anything to do with him until they are 18. She can refinance and keep the house and gets all of the current equity in said house. He must pay alimony and child support. And it is all bittersweet and totally devastating to the kids. He now is free to marry his girlfriend of 2 1/2 years to be a step dad to her two kids. What a happy little family they will be. He also brought this on all "on he own self" (in the words of my toddler). I am thrilled for her, sad for the kids and totally disappointed in him and the whole FBI agency. (I have other examples of agents to give me pause for trusting any of them.)

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