Monday, April 16, 2007

Saturday afternoon naps and Monday morning shcool

This is Glenys napping after the big birthday party of a friend on Sat. This is my bed of course because she doesn't even nap in her own bed. She had fallen asleep in the car in her shoes and jacket and yes I put her in bed with it all on. And yes Simon our cat decided he needed to cuddle up with Glenys and all of her care bears.

Then this is Glenys this morning brushing her teeth for school. She picked the t-shirt and shoes. Why, yes, she is wearing one pink one and one blue one. She also has salmon colored socks on that match the flowers in her pants. I don't normally fight her on dress unless it is cold outside. Why make us all miserable with dressing in the morning? Just makes for a bad beginning of the day.

1 comment: said...

Breakthrough, she likes pink AND blue, so the two camera's might work? And whatever happened to giving little girls Carebears and Hollyhobby dolls and Raggedy Anne/Andy? Bratz what is this? Times have changed.
Nothing cuter than kids and kitties.
Seems to be the theme today.