Monday, April 23, 2007

She's been three for almost 2 days

Well, the big celebrations are over and Glenys is three. Oh boy. She is growing up before my eyes. I try to stop her because I want to remember and hang on to that baby from China. Impossible I know and I do want her to grow up. I just wish the years wouldn't pass so quickly!!!

I would like to imagine her birth family celebrating at her birth. I can't really because I don't know. I would like to think they truly attempted to find ways/money to keep her. I can't because they didn't keep her. I can say she was with someone for almost one month before being abandoned. I just wish I knew for sure it was with her birth family.

Her teacher told me Friday that Glenys talks about being adopted from China. She talks about her mommy having to fly a long way to get her. I am so glad. We talk about adoption and her being Chinese. I love the fact that she is Chinese and American by adoption. I love the fact that she looks Chinese and pretends to speak Chinese. It gives me hope that she will grow up and appreciate her first culture. At least she may want to learn it even if she will not completely understand it.

I will never be able to give her Chinese culture or heritage but I can teach her about the country from books and movies and only from my western point of view. I saved all of the books I read about China and Chinese adoption for her to read when she is much older. Maybe it will give her an understanding of how she came to be an American. When she is older we will study Chinese again and hopefully travel there.

A friend of mine asked if I was open with her about adoption. I told her that someone is going to talk about her being adopted and being from China. That someone may be very negative. So if someone is going to do it, then it better be me, and it better be in the most positive, affirming way possible.

Last night I felt most lucky that this baby's mom made a most difficult choice 3 years ago and I was chosen to adopt her. I hope for all the waiting moms and dads to experience this lucky feeling and I hope it comes very soon.

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I always talk to Search and Destroy as if there is birth mom around. She is really part of everyday (maybe not everyday) conversation. So glad I got over that one. Chinese culture is so awesome. It is hard NOT to get excited about their history, food, music, customs, language. Makes exposure a no brainer. Which is good thing, because mine is shrinking daily.
P.s REALLY, no more Bday parties? You still have 362 more days to celebrate. snicker