Saturday, April 28, 2007


At 2:30am this morning I woke up with G throwing up apparently everything she had eaten yesterday. Required bedsheet change, clothing change and a call to my mom for a suppository to settle her stomach. Even after the phenergan supp. she still threw up a sip of water. At 5:30am she fell asleep finally and we woke up again at 9 am. I am so tired. Throw up makes me sick and there were some touchy moments as I got the mess cleaned up and even had to wash her blanket.

So weekend ruined. Best laid plans of mice and men yada yada.

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Words from the wise, 'children ruin your (weekend) dreams' though they create new ones, I believe were your exact words. So sorry little Bear is sicky poo. Nothing like the smell of barf at 2:30am to bring you back to your youth don't ya think? Good ol' party days. :o)