Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday Morning

This dress we purchased in Guilin in July 2005. The shop owners told us it would fit G then. It was way to big. Now it is a little to big. This is her "Cheese" smile. Notice the care bear that must go with us every where? Oh and the pink flip flops and blue toe polish. She doesn't have the shades of pink matching yet; just if it is pink it matches. The trim on the dress is pink. Very rarely will she actually look at the camera and say cheese or smile at the same time.

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searchanddestroytwins.blogspot.com said...

Gorgeous dress for a gorgeous gal.
Flip flops complete any outfit in my books.
just had to mention the subliminal messages I'm getting since I got the fat comment: My word verification is NO JOKE:
wya ua cow
Hmmmm... has Dirk been here?