Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Not much to say today except that when I woke up this morning I was depressed to realize it was only Tuesday. Incredible how one night's sleep however badly it goes feels like a long time has passed. I was just sure today was Thursday. Oh well.

We are off work for Good Friday. I think I will renew the zoo membership and take Glenys there. It is worth it even if I have to do so on credit which is how I am doing a lot of things right now. Enjoy now, pay later. Apparently this is my new life motto.

Glenys woke up crying today. She fought her demons all night again. The Easter Story is difficult for toddlers. Actually not the whole thing but when Jesus dies part. Glenys asked me if God did it. She always wants to know who "do it". So I told her that yes in a sense God did do it. Then she asked where Jesus lives and I told her heaven. Then she said, "I want to go see Him." I said that we would when we died. She is not ready to die though. I told her that it would be a long time from now and that she would be older than Grammie and Grandad. Needless to say I think that conversation lent itself to giving her not so pleasant dreams.

Sunday afternoon she woke herself up singing the alphabet song. She was on letter "g" when she woke up. She finished the song then looked at me to see if I was awake. I pretended not to be but it didn't work. Glenys is funny when she is sleeping. She asks questions and claims things. I can answer her and if it is the wrong answer she cries. If I give her the right answer she goes back to sound sleeping. She never wakes up fully anytime during the exchange and doesn't remember a thing in the morning.

This morning when I dropped her off at school she told me she would color me a pretty picture. Last night we spent the evening after supper, coloring. She picked the crayons and gave me the one she wanted me to have. I got the broken ones and the shorter ones than what she had. Then she would want to "switch-fwop" and take my color or page. Her coloring is interesting. She doesn't stay in the lines but she does stay together. I will have to post a photo of her work. She also colors vibrant colors. I color lightly and she get the full color out of her crayons. So I can't wait to pick her up and see what she colored for me.

Have I said lately how much fun she is. Well, she is. She was quite grumpy before bed though. She was so tired. So was/am I. Grammie and Grandad are coming home tonight. Hopefully they will be rested enough to see her tomorrow night. Otherwise it will be Friday or Saturday. I don't think any of them could stand that!!

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searchanddestroytwins.blogspot.com said...

I am just dreading some of the "big" talks like G_d, death, birds and beez and other more important stuff than the stuff Mom rants about. You are doing a great job by the sounds of it. Hmm. crayons... Think those suckers will be banned until S&D are at least 10.
Littl ol' me.