Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What do singles without kids do anyway?

So last night I was footloose and fancy free. G spent the night with my parents. I had to go into the city to the only pharmacy that can provide G's Rx for her runny nose. This pharmacy closes at 6pm and is 40 mins from my house/work. I rushed over there after arranging the spending of the night at the grandparents only to find out that the pharmacy had been robbed so no scripts were being completed.

Okay, so I can't go back into the city until Friday when G is again spending the night with the grandparents.

In the meantime, I arranged to meet two of my girlfriends for dinner. We actually closed the restaurant down and closed the coffee shop down after that. We had good food, good conversation and good company. I guess that is what singles without kids do now, huh?

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