Friday, April 06, 2007

The Zoo and our new friend

Enjoy the photos:

My new Best Friend Boy!
So we made it to the zoo today with half the city despite the temps being in the high 40s. We met a co-worker and her son there around 10:30 and left when the kids were ready to revolt out of hunger around 1pm. Both kids had a good time and got along very well together.

Glenys even asked where her "best friend boy" was when we left. He on the other hand has declared the "bride price" of a tricycle, a race car track, 10 care bears and several of his hot wheels which he is buying her for Christmas. I told his mom we might as well write the contract out as he was proposing to her already. Both kids were very well behaved for a "first date".

We actually saw quite a bit of the zoo. We even went to the reptile house. Not my favorite place to go. Glenys even liked the turtles there. We saw the sea lion show for the umpteenth time. The polar bears were rather lazy when we got there. The monkeys had all been fed and were eating. One panda was out cold and the other was lazily munching on bamboo. The otters and monkeys were fighting over a plastic cup. The penguins were hanging out in the clefts of rock island. The baby giraffe was out front and center posing for all the visitors. The pink flamingos were all waiting anxiously for food so we saw them up close and personal.

Glenys is currently in my lap completing her nap that started at 3pm in the car. This is difficult to type single handed.

After the zoo we headed to lunch at my favorite place. Glenys had edamame and showed off her talent with chopsticks. She does really well. Then we all went to the coffee shop to hang out for a minute and complete our coffee. Needless to say we have had a smashing day.

And to top all that off so well, Glenys stayed dry at the zoo and through eating and both car trips over and home again. She didn't even wear a pull up at the zoo. She did ask to put one on at the coffee shop and almost pulled her pants down in the general public to do so. She explained that she needed it in case she fell asleep going home. Her idea not mine.
Apparently Spring has sprung right back to winter because we have a freeze warning for tonight. Not happy about turning the heat back on. I hoped to be done with that.


A Special Family said...

So glad you had a great day!

kris said...

Glad you guys had such a fun day... the frienship is too cute. Proposing already. Oh how I miss those days!!