Thursday, May 31, 2007

31st and last post in Every Day in May

Today's topic is apathy.* This is how I am feeling today. I have no passion about anything. I believe it is related to hormones and PMS. About a year ago I stopped taking the birth control pill that kept me regulated and predictable. I stopped for financial reasons only. I believe the hormones are finally out of my body at least those related to almost 20 years of bc pills. My cycle is now much heavier and so much more painful, extremely painful. I had forgotten how nice it was to have the normal cycle while being on the pill.

In conjunction with that TMI, I also have wacky emotions that swing very large but mostly toward anger and apathy. Today is apathy. I just want to quit everything. I want to sit staring at a wall and not have to think, be thoughtful or kind. I don't want to be unkind but I don't want to have to think about it.

So in the spirit of this apathetic post, I was too apathetic to even post a photo. Maybe tomorrow I will be better, open and alive again. Today though I don't even wish to be.

*comments have been turned off, thank you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A little more of G

Night before last, G was laying in the crook of my arm as we were drifting off to sleep. I was rubbing her forehead and playing with her hair. She loves to be rubbed or patted when going to sleep. I said to her, "I wonder if your foster mom held you like this at night to go to sleep and rubbed your face like this." She said, "Yes, she did it."

I told her that I thought her foster mom loved her a whole lot. I told her that I was glad she had the time with her foster mom and that one day we would go back to visit. When I say this now G is ready to go right at that moment. I imagine she did sleep with the foster mom and what mom can't rub a baby to sleep if her sweet body is right there. Those quiet moments of the night I think of that foster mom touching G and giving her wishes for her future life.

I truly doubt G remembers how her foster mom put her to sleep. I will say though our sleeping together is coming to an end for G's own safety. Last night or early this morning the cat or dog cut across both of her eyelids and the bridge of her nose. If it was the dog, then God protected her eyes. My dog is 60 lbs plus. The dog jumps on the cat and both are on the bed. The way G sleeps (sideways) lends itself to injury. The cat may have used her face to jump off with but more than likely we are just lucky her lids are intact, slightly swollen, and her eyes are fine. I should have purchased stock in triple action antibiotic cream and band-aids!!

G the Drama Queen

Apparently I have jinxed myself and my alone shower time by mentioning how G was bathing on her own; because last night she had to shower with me. But before the shower she was wondering how we were going to remove the band aid (from the morning) on her knee. The more she thought about it the more it worried her. Also, I may have mentioned before that G enjoys watching herself cry and will do so in the mirror.

Here she is pointing out that there are no real tears in this eye but in the other eye she had one.

Here she is wanting to be picked up from crying so much.

Here she is watching herself cry in the mirror (sorry for the poor quality, the flash wasn't on).

30th post in Every Day in May-Childhood Memories

Sen had a great idea for a meme of childhood memories. She listed ten but the meme is for five. So here it goes:

1) Playing for hours on the metal swing set that was so old their were no longer swings. We, my brother and I, just hung upside down and turned flips off the top bar. Nothing like rusting play yard equipment to keep a 10-year-old entertained.
2) Going camping and bathing in the rivers. Mom bought ivory soap because it floats. Dad would cut our old pairs of tennis shoes so that the toes were open and we would climb all over the river rocks/streams playing. Sleeping in the camper was so much fun at the age of 6 or 7. We would go with another family and the adults would stay up talking after the kids had gone to bed. The only bad was mosquitoes and the campground bathrooms which I cannot forget the horrible smell. Smelled worse than the squat pots at the Great Wall.
3) I spent one week every summer with my maternal grandmother who happened to be a deputy for the Sommerville, TN, sheriff's dept. She actually was the secretary and had been deputized to transport juvies. I would go spend some time with her at work when my aunt couldn't keep me. I got to look at the pot growing in her office literally for evidence. I also spent time in the floor of the sheriff's office looking at all the confiscated weapons. It was pretty cool. Once she even took us on a tour of the actual jail. Kind of like a human zoo I suppose looking back at it. Very impressionable to a kid though.
4) Going to visit the same grandmother on weekends. She would always have dinner of spaghetti and corn bread made. She would have toast for me since I hadn't learned to like corn bread. I got to sleep with her which was not good for her as I was a bed wetter and a very heavy sleeper.
5) Playing checkers with my paternal grandparents. They never ever ever let me win. Neither my grandmother or grandad believed in letting kids win just to win. They did however try to help us and gave us moves to make. They were teaching us to pay attention.
Now I tag:
3) Mortimer's Mom (Otherwise knows as Dumpling's and Beach Ball's Mom)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Django's Hope

There is a family preparing to adopt their child. This child initially had a grant promised but the granter rescinded the grant due to the child's special need. This family is around $1000 short to bring their child home. You see the child has a special need which is intersex. I believe this child has both genitals. Before surgeons in China mutilate this child he needs to be brought to his family.

If you read their story and find it in your heart to help, please do so. They were DTC 4-12-07. The agency has waived their fees to help this family.

This child is a cutie and belongs to a family who can care for him.


More Photos of the Weekend

M and G in the Marco Polo exhibit within the China Panda exhibit.
Looking at the monkeys with cousin C.
G, C and M in the panda exhibit.
G was able to ride the merri-go-round without Grandad because her cousin C doesn't get sick either and it was free this time.

C and M were such good sports hanging out with baby cousin. She ordered most of the photos to be taken of the three of them.

This is G thoroughly enjoying the water time.

29th post in Every Day in May

"On 19 May, the residents of Bobai, a town in China's southern Guanxi Province, rose up against the policy. Communist Party officials started going house to house to collect fines for having a second child. According to reports, the officials tried to intimidate rule-breakers into paying, but locals fought back by burning cars and destroying official buildings. Many Chinese would prefer to avoid this kind of confrontation with the state, which is still hugely powerful. That is why so many choose to take fertility drugs in the hope of a multiple pregnancy. If you have all your children in one go in China, you do not have to worry about a fine and a fight with the Communist Party. The Chinese government insists its one-child policy has to remain in place for many more years, as it believes it is the only viable way of controlling the country's population. But with fertility drugs, the people of Buffalo village have now found their own reliable way of beating the system. Story from BBC NEWS:"

Just think this riot happened on the 2nd anniversary of G's finding day, May 19th. If she had not been abandoned/found I could not have taken this birthday suit pic of her in April. She chose to strut her stuff with her b-day balloons. I hesitate to post her bum but it is a really cute photo. Amazing the things I take for granted about G until I read stories like this from China.

These riots happened in her home province. One more reason to say that G was saved from a very tough life and for a reason that she will grow to understand later. I did not save her and am not saying I did. But as a Christian, I believe and will teach her that God knows her purpose for being and that He will direct her paths. It may be to return one day to her country to adopt too or just to help in some small way. Maybe she will go teach English as a Second Language there. Who knows and God will show her in His time.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The 28th post in Every Day in May

No pictures from today. We had a low key day after our day yesterday. This is a day lily from my grandmother's yard. This was the first bloom and seems already old some how.

We are watching Mulan now waiting for time to go to bed. I watched The Battle of Britain today. Christopher Plummer, Lawrence Olivier, Michael Caine were the stars. It was really good. Worth renting if it can be found.

G's knee looks great. So I had decided to leave the band-aid off a while. She then did a trick for grandad and fell on it which hurt. So I put the band-aid back on her to try and keep it clean. This was no easy feat mind you. The minute I suggested the band-aid she went hysterical again and Grammie had to help. Pitiful.

I would like to pay tribute to all service people and their families. Without them, we wouldn't have the freedoms here we do today. Thank you for your service.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

This is how our wonderful weekend ended...

Yes that is G's knee. We attended a Member's Event at the zoo that allowed people to play in the water. The water is a replica of the Nile river into a large fountain area. Millions of kids and parents, naked babies, swim diapers etc all in this water.

Well G was in the Nile river part which was very very shallow. We had already been at the zoo 2 hours and she had been in the water about 30 or more minutes. So she was walking over a rock wall in the water and stepped into a light well. Because it was deeper and she had gotten distracted by a man who splashed her, she fell. She gashed her knee really badly. It is not bad enough for stitches but it bled and she cried. Oh how she cried. I knew it hurt her. She just shivered uncontrollably.

We went for first aid at the zoo. They doctored the wound, took an incident report and we left. They are the ones to put this very large bandage on it. She absolutely doesn't like band aids for any reason especially not big ones.

Did I mention that G cried? She was hysterical. When Grammie and I changed the bandage and added more medicine on it, it started bleeding again. Of course the water at the zoo is not clean after all the kids etc. have played in it. She is also a drama queen and can no longer walk, needs to be carried everywhere now. When I called to tell Grammie we were on our way home, G just wanted to know if Grammie was "so sad" about her knee.

Did I mention the man splashing everyone? At first I thought he was with someone but then I discovered during one of the Nile walks that G and I took that he was just splashing people in his line of sight. He splashed me. I wasn't even in a bathing suit just regular shorts and t-shirt. The water came up to mid calf. I even watched him splash at G right before she fell and he missed her the first time. But as she started over the rocks he splashed harder and she looked up at him as she stepped off just when the water hit her unexpectedly. Poor M, my niece, got to her first and got her out of the water handing her to me but she was already hysterical. Oh the mention of needing a band aid set her off louder. M doesn't handle children being upset like that.

As a reward she is getting to spend the night with Grammie, Grandad, M and C. Did I mention she is a drama queen? As Grammie and I were doctoring her wound before putting her jamas on, she was crying and showing us her real tears on her face. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Here is a photo of M, G, and C at the Panda exhibit before playing in the water. Much happier time, don't you think?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

27th post in Every Day in May

This will be short. G woke me up this morning at 6:20 something or other. Got a strange call at midnight from someone who didn't leave a message and the number is mid area AR. I am very miserably tired. G played with her cousins today and tomorrow we are going to the zoo.

Grammie bought a wading pool for G and she absolutely loved it even though it was extremely cold water after a while. She was chattering and shivering. Finally I just made her go in. This is posting for Sunday even though it is Sat. night. We will be busy tomorrow and not able to do anything computer wise.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pre-posting 26th post in Every Day in May

G had just awoken from a nap and still needed some cuddle time. Her bears provided that and no she didn't want in my lap. Of course between the bears and G there was absolutely n o room for my wide arse. She looks a bit shell shocked here, huh?

25th post in Every Day in May

This is late due to scanner issues. This was G's mother's day picture to me. This is G and I. I have the elbows and arms. She has the legs and knees.

Notice also we both have eyebrows but no hair. I think it is a pretty good caricature of us.

The teacher made a book of every child's drawing. The mother received the original and copies of the other children's pics.

The teacher asked each child why they loved their mom and this was G's answer. Either G drew the pic upside down or the teacher wrote it upside down. One of the kids said he loved his mom because she worked. So that is how I knew the teacher asked. G was very upset though because one of the kids colored on her mommy. That was also how I knew which one I was supposed to be.

By the way, G's picture was the only one with any kind of definability to it (is that a word?). Everyone else's page looked like the scribble that this child did on G's pic. G does not yet recognize her numbers by site although she counts past 20 fairly well, but she is a dang good artist!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I need to preface this... saying that I am not an English teacher, nor am I a proof reader. I didn't do badly in English classes, though. So my "nails on the chalkboard" experiences usually revolve around poor grammar usage. (Personal blogs and journals are excluded from this rant because we are all too busy chasing kids to care.) Well, literal nails on a chalk board get me too.

I never ever like to hear someone use "I" as an object pronoun, EVER. It happens more and more these days. "I" should always be used as a subject. A poor usage example would be: "Jim gave this to Cole and I." Okay, no he didn't. He gave it to Cole and "me". "ME" "ME" should be used there. This incorrect usage I have attributed to ignorant people trying to sound smart.

Here is another grammatical error that drives me absolutely bonkers-the improper use of "a" and "an". "An" precedes nouns or words with a vowel or vowel sound, like "an hour". "A" precedes words with a consonant sound like "a movie".

So here is the reason for this post. Every day when I leave to go to my car I see a sentence written by vandals that gives my spine a chill. "Tony is a (sic) asshole." I am tempted every day to add the "n" to the sentence. It literally drives me nuts. If you are going to vandalize and publicly display your words, please use them correctly. I don't know if Tony is an a**hole or not, so I will not add the "n". I just wish someone would correct the statement or paint over it!!!

Oh and I never correct someone other than in my head. It is truly impolite to do so. I just let people run around sounding stupid.

24th post in Every Day in May

Am I a bad mother because I let my child have a chocolate candy bar right before dinner? After seeing the joy in her face and the chocolate on her nose I decided it was a-okay!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gardening with G

Weekend before last, G and I planted some poppy seeds*. I wasn't sure they would grow. I drew a straight line in the dirt and let her drop the seeds in. Well these photos are each end of the line I drew. See how the seeds have congregated to one side. I tried to explain the concept of even or straight to no avail. But when they grow and bloom they will be pretty and hopefully re-seed themselves for next year.

*We planed red poppy seeds and a California mix of shades of orange.

23rd post in Every Day in May

Two years ago today, I received the call I had been waiting on for 2 years, "It's a Girl!" I was not at my desk and I received the call at work on my cell phone. I had to borrow a desk to sit and write what I was told. I borrowed a phone to call my mom and attempted a conference call with mom and dad. It was all a cluster fuster. Finally, I got them both on the phone to share the news. Then we received a fuzzy faxed pic of this one with the actual spelled correctly information.

Wu Bao Jiang was waiting in Wuzhou SWI, foster care program in Guangxi Autonomous Region. Was 13 months and 1 day old. We would travel 8 weeks later for Gotcha Day (July 25, 2005)

This morning I gave G a large paper back picture book of China (found on China Sprout sight), a DVD of the Wind and the Willows and (the best gift) a Care*Bear activity book. The stickers are the bomb. Does she understand the implications? Doubt it. All she knows is today is all about her and she wants more presents.

Two days later I received the actual color pics and referral info via UPS. Nope didn't get the picture of the UPS man and arranging a meeting with my parents to actually open the info was another cluster fuster.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Adoption Round Up

Adventures in Daily Living is having an adoption round up post. Post your favorite adoption related entry whether that be about attachment or the waiting period or the actual trips, etc.

Check it all out. There are 25 entries so far.

Here is the post I submitted and I need to clarify somethings I said or that have been commented on. I never meant to imply that abandonment nor abortion nor even adoption plans are simple or without many complicated decisions and situations. None of it is easy.

What I did imply is that society, especially in China, wants the women to abort or abandon (as is seen in the current Guangxi riots) and go on without looking back, just forget the past and move forward. I also will not suggest that the birthmoms do not ever think of the babies abandoned nor aborted. I don't, however, think these women dwell on the memories, nor do I think the same emphasis is placed on the past as Westerners tend to do. As I have said before, after reading Chinese histories and other memoirs from Chinese women I tend to see the pattern of moving on instead of dwelling in the past as prevalent for the continuation of the culture. It seems to be an oxymoron but really getting stuck in the past prevents forward movement.

If you are interested in Chinese history or culture pick up some memoirs such as Wild Swans or books along those lines. The wife of Sun Yat Sen had two sisters one married Chaing Kai Shek (sp?) and all three girls were educated in America. There is a book about them called The Sisters of Hefei (I think). Another good book is the Concubine's Children. None of these books are adoption related by the way but abandonment is prevalent.


Dad Update

My dad is doing great. He is walking one mile a day, to the post office and back. He had the cath removed a week ago and will be driving himself to the doctor's today. He was able to mow some of the yard this week on the riding mower. He still cannot pick things up that are very heavy, more than around 10 lbs. He is tired of the other issues that come with this type of surgery however he does feel the urge to pee which is really good. All that needs to happen now is the muscles to recover for more control.


22nd post in Every Day in May

These riots took place in my child's province, but not her city. It is a shame the lengths people will go to to prevent children being brought into the world. The officials go way to far to enforce the policy. Some of the families have lost everything or rather had everything taken. I also linked the NY Times article in the title of this post.

ONE-CHILD POLICY: Villagers Riot Over Fines, Mistreatment
Mon May 21, 2007 6:17 am (PST)
Villagers Riot Over Family Planning Fines(via Reuters, May 21/07)Villagers rioted in Shabei county in Guangxi, attacking officials and burning cars, in protest against attempts to enforce strict family-planning policies.The villagers clashed with officials and police armed with guns and electric cattle prods, pulling down a wall surrounding the government office, turning over cars, and burning part of its main building."The big gate and two cars near it were all burnt and black, and broken glass, bricks and rubbish were everywhere," according to one villager.He said dozens had been detained by police.Local government and police officials reached by telephone declined to comment. An official from neighboring Shapo county confirmed the riot had taken place, but refused to give details.A doctor at Shabei hospital said several injured people had been treated there. One protester had been hit on the head by a brick thrown from the government building, and two injured officials had also been brought in for treatment, he said.The protests were linked to local government moves to intensify family-planning policies, villagers said. Some couples with more than one child must pay fines of up to tens of thousand yuan, the villagers said."The family-planning officials were just like the Japanese invaders during the war. They took everything away, and destroyed or tore down the houses if people could not pay the fines," said one villager surnamed Wu. "In some families, even the gate and bowls were taken away,leaving them with an empty house."Wu said he had seen about 20 buses and other vehicles full of riot police, and he put the number of protesters at up to 10,000. His account could not be confirmed.

Monday, May 21, 2007

21st Post in Every Day in May

Okay so this post is about the total story teller as in "fibber" that is my child. This is a function of being a child I believe/hope. There have been several times she has looked me straight in the face and told me a fib. Lie is an awfully strong word that I hate to use for a three year old but that is what she does.

A couple of nights ago G fed the cats and then it was quiet. I called for her and she came out of the back room with the tell tell guilt look. I said, "Where you playing in the soap?" With a straight face she said, "No." I said, "Let me smell your hand." Sure enough she had been playing in the Tide clothes washing powder. No she did not eat it and it is now put out of reach. She also knows not to mess with it. And we washed it off her hands.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, G sat on our cat, Simon. Not only did I see her do it but I heard him cry. After I screamed at her to get off the cat, I said did you just sit on the cat? To which she replied, "No." I said, "Well, I saw you." She said, "Well, I was riding a horse."

Next, again last night, she did drank out of a cup that was sitting on my bathroom cabinet. I yelled, "Yuck, put that down." She looked at me, startled at first then grinned and clapped and said, "Yea." I said, "That's not a 'yea'." Then she giggled to deep and so real that I couldn't keep from laughing. Then her tickle box got turned over. (This was just a cute "had to have been there" story but who can resist a toddler giggling?)

This morning, she hit our cat, Abigail, in the head with her fist. I watched the whole thing. I said, "Did you just hit the cat?" She said, "No, it was an accident." I said, "Oh but I think it was an on purpose."

These are just 4 of the most recent episodes. She is turning out to be a real fibber. I have started telling her that she will not be in as much trouble if she tells me the truth.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Recap of May 19, 2007- Anniversary of a Finding Day

This finding day started at the coffee shop then on to Build a Bear and the donation on behalf of foster kids around the world. This is G at the coffee shop and next photo is of her test hugging the bear she made. Beside her is her China sister Zoie Li who happens to be 6 months younger than G and not afraid of a thing.

This pic is G dropping hers in the box.

Then I allowed her to "find" her own bear. She chose a black bear like at the zoo. This is her giving it a "bath". She enjoyed this and is laughing in the pic.

Then we went to see the butterflies at the zoo. is posing not so happily at the pool in the butterfly house.

We even got to see a boa constrictor out on a walk with two of the zoo keepers. G wouldn't touch it and neither would I. This photo does not do it justice. It was very large.

This is G and her finished bear. She doesn't name her animals so i named this bear Bao Jiang. This bear was given the name G was given on her finding day and part of the name we kept. We don't really know what gender bear is because at first she wanted it to be a him then she wanted it to be a girl named boy.

This is me and G in the Northwest Passage at the zoo. We had a friend along who took the pic for me.
And yes Senja you can see my teeth.

We ended the day at the coffee shop like it began, then home with a nap, a short one, and a viewing of the Lion King and the Aristocats. G has been working all of her puzzles too. Goodnight and remember to pray for all the children who are finding themselves without forever families.

Double Happiness FFFF Challenge

This week's challenge is my mother's baby. I am not the baby but I am her baby girl and number three in the pecking order. The one photo I was around 6 months or so.

The next one I was around 3 years old. My grandmother had this copy and another copy of this particular photo session that I actually like better but can't fine.

In the lost one, I am holding a flower and am frowning because I was sick of the photo shoot. Since I have no scanner I took photos of these pics thus the angle of the one.

The one in the silver frame is actually hanging in the same hallway it has hung in since I was a baby in the same frame. It is hanging on the opposite wall now next to one of G taken in December 2005. Seems it has come a full circle.

Friday, May 18, 2007

20th post in Every day in May

(This photo is just because she is cute and has no relevance to the post.)

Okay so tonight at my mom's house for dinner, G has a huge melt down. HUGE. She is basically showing out to see who will come to her rescue. She knows my parents and what do they do but come to her rescue. She refused to calm down so I told her we would just leave and go home. We weren't going to ruin every one's dinner by her crying. So we head out and my mom with hot pan of bread comes running up to me and saying "Please don't do this."

It wasn't like I was beating this child which I don't ever do. She just needed to go away from the audience to get control of herself. She is a major drama queen. She got mad at me for asking her to go to the potty which she had not done in 2 hours since I had been there, just too busy. To stop and go potty means the fun has to stop, so who wants to go potty?

Here is the kicker, my parents had to help me out financially this past year and I am currently living rent free in their house, not with them but one they own. I don't feel like I have rights to my child when we are together. I would not let G throw a fit like that in a store, I would carry her out. Same darn difference. I was carrying her out and away. Grammie's house should be a treat not a right, and she should learn to act appropriately even there. I am also posting to vent because I don't really want comments negative or positive regarding my parents. They are all we have and they are not bad parents nor do they intend to control. I just don't remember this amount of interfering with the other grandkids. Maybe it is because G is mine.

She did eventually calm down, then I get the "When she gets upset like that..." speech from my dad. My mom said she understood and knew that she shouldn't, but that it was breaking her heart to hear G cry. I mean I realize they have a very special relationship with G and I don't want to ever ruin that. But this coming to her rescue when it is not necessary, stepping in between without really understanding. I am not made at my mom and dad just disappointed in myself for becoming G's sister around them.

After we did return because G did get herself under control, she only wanted me to do things for her. So that lets me know that G understood and she wasn't mad at me, nor I at her. Sometimes we just need to get alone and get control of ourselves.

Later, when I asked G why she had gotten upset she said the poopy in her tummy that made her tummy hurt made her cry and get upset like that. She could me more right that she knows!!

19th Post in Every Day in May: May 19th

Today is an auspicious day in the life of G. Three years ago today she was left across the street from the civil affairs office to be found. She was not a new born but her birthday was a guess. This day is a day to celebrate and mourn. Celebrate that for this reason she came to be my daughter. Her loss is a gain for us both. That is not true for her birth mom, it is a total and complete loss.

It seems in Chinese culture the goal is to continually look forward so I do not think her birth mom dwells on the fact that G was abandoned. I can see this in books I have read and other interviews I have seen with Chinese people. The goal of looking behind is to not repeat mistakes. US culture tends to stay in the guilt of the past and live within that realm.

I guess what I am saying is that I am not going to tell G or wonder myself if her birthmother thinks about her or dwells on her. I will tell G that her birthmother cared enough to give birth to her instead of abort her, hold her for some time or give her to someone for some time, and then have her, G, placed in a very public place to be found. I will not tell her that her birthmother knew or assumed that she would be adopted by an American mom. I can say that her birthmother assumed she would be taken care of by someone.

18th post in Every Day in May

G conversations are so much fun. Sometimes I have a clue of what she is talking about and sometimes I am totally blindsided. One night in bed she was telling me the story that was told to her in school.

She goes to a Christian based day care and this particular story was of the lame man carried by the four men to Jesus to make well. She did really well on the story. She told me there was a man who couldn't walk and he had 3 friends (fingers showing 3) who carried him and made a big hole.

I asked her if Jesus healed the man and she said, "no".

I said, "Well what did Jesus do?"

She said, "teeteed in his big girl panties."
WHAT? I said, "Who teeteed in their big girl panties, you?"
She said, "God did."

I said, "I don't think God teed in His big girl panties."
She said, "Well Jesus did."
I think our theology needs to be adjusted slightly.
Happy weekend and I will post today for the 19th and 20th posts too. You must use your imagination that what I am posting is on the correct days.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

An evening with a hurried/harried mom

Yesterday afternoon after dropping G off to ride to my mom's home with my mom, I ran home to let the dog out and start a load of laundry. Here is what I did. I opened the door carrying nothing with me other than my keys. Dropped them in a well known place. Let the dog out, picked up some coffee to take to my mom's for dinner, and gathered the clothes to wash.

I started the laundry, put the dog back up, and gathered PJs for G to wear home after her bath. As I was heading back out the door I realized I couldn't find my keys. I looked in all the regular and not so regular places, retracing my steps in my mind and literally. I was imagining the feel of them in my hands as I was retracing my steps to see if I remembered when my hands didn't feel them anymore. I looked in all the places I had gone to gather the clothes and glanced by the front door 4 times. I even looked at/in the door knob to see if I left them in the door. That has happened once, over night.

Then I had a horror stricken thought and went to listen. Sure enough I thought I heard them in the washer. I stopped the washer and fished around for them. I could not find them even in the wet clothes. I contemplated calling my mom and dad to tell them they would need to bring G home or I had to wait until the clothes were done. This probably only took about 15 mins but felt like an hour. I walked back to the front door and low and behold I found the keys in the floor where I dropped them in the first place. Where I had even looked 4 different times during my search.

I am either a) losing my mind and memory or b) losing my eye sight. It isn't like my keys are small and that they don't have a neon pink purell container on them. How in the world I couldn't locate them was beyond puzzling. Then for the next 10 mins my arm was cold from the washer.

What Type of Blogger Am I?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Yes I want a journal of my life with Glenys and of all the strange things that go on. Plus I like posting photos of my gorgeous girl.