Thursday, May 10, 2007

10th Post in Every Day in May

These irises are from my mother's yard. I have come to truly appreciate flowers particularly irises, lilies and Gerber daisies. I don't have any of the latter, maybe this weekend I will get some.
I love the delicate petals of the irises and the vibrant colors. Irises come in all shapes and sizes with one of my mother's plants growing almost as tall as her, about 5ft.

The beauty of the iris is that they are easy to start and will practically grow anywhere. My dad had cleaned out one of the beds and threw the bulbs near his fire pit. The next year they bloomed. The bad thing is that some irises tend to choke out others if you don't take time to clean them out.

There is a saying I have heard "Bloom where you are planted." I like that but have not always lived by that. I am a very guarded person by nature and if I feel threatened even perceived threat I will put the walls up as fast as I can to self protect. I would like to teach G to bloom where she is planted but I am afraid I am teaching her to protect when threatened.

Case in point: another BFF, Megan, has been telling G that G is not 3. Well, that is really stressing out. She asked me to tell Megan that she is 3. So yesterday I did. Then yesterday afternoon, G hit Megan for telling her she isn't really 3. Grammie picked G up yesterday and instead of reinforcing my no hit rule she tells G she is glad that G hit Megan*. I have soooo much support. Anyhoo, I told Megan this morning not to tell G she isn't 3. I will protect my child if I can. But I would rather teach her in moments like this that words do not make reality and to bloom in front of Megan rather than coming down to Megan's level. I know she is only 3 but if I can't figure it out now, what then? when then?
*Secretly I am glad G hit Megan too.


Anonymous said...

I especially love the photo of the orangish one!

insanemomma said...

The flowers are gorgeous. I wish I had the time err the desire to plant and garden. I've just never had the time... Always, always running. I'd rather get a pedicure than dig in the dirt though. ha ha.