Tuesday, May 15, 2007

15th post in Every Day in May

I originally had something very profound to blog about but I have since forgotten it. Glenys came to work with me today, thankfully, this job allows for it. She just needed a mommy day. We still are working on our attachment. Sometimes she is not very secure. Of course she could just be playing me.

First thing update: Some may not know that "first thing" is the job I accepted/was offered to me when I was really down on my luck last year. It is ideal with hours and close proximity to home and day care. The down side is I can't pay all of my bills. When one is out of work with no income the easy way to live is on credit. Therefore I owe more than I bring in and really have no way of making up the difference right now. No home based businesses for me do not work. I have tried far to many to know so.

Okay so the people here are not so friendly. We all have issues and have issues with each other. So much so that the owner's son called a meeting a couple of weeks ago and generally told us all to grow up that our attitudes suck and the therapists and case managers feel it. The owner's son is running this office. He is in charge.

I have to agree with him. Attitudes suck here. The front desk person sometimes looks like she just rolled out of bed. She has no personality at all. Others are so snide in their comments that you feel the knife is going in and being twisted at their words. I have been stabbed personally, now as of today 3 times, by the same person who comes across all sweet and caring. She is not at all sweet nor caring. She has one of the worst attitudes of all.

Everyone is looking and blaming everyone else. I personally have a wall up so thick it will never be broken. My immediate supervisor nixes every thing I say in public after telling me to bring the issues up in public. She is really into power. She refuses to include me in the communications for the program I am working on and then expects me to jump on board all of her decisions.

Dress code is casual and sometimes too casual. If a person can pull off wearing a baby-doll dress so be it but do so on the weekends not at a psychiatrist's office. Yes we have inappropriate dress here.

If it weren't for Glenys and the fact the job market sucks I would so be going somewhere else.

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crazylady said...

Oh, man feel marginally guilty for making your day even worse with the meme tag. Totally sucks to be you today.
Are you suggesting you work in a shrinks office? You know that is ammo to someone like me.
Bills, ...they suck wind. Might resort to selling the body. Except that would put me further in debt.
You could do toothpaste ads, non?