Wednesday, May 16, 2007

16th post in Every Day in May

Glenys gets her sense of style from me, **grin**.
We were playing bubbles outside in the front yard like this. I sat on the step and she was on the front walk. She had had an accident and I didn't want to put a clean pair of big girl pants on her this late in the day knowing we were soon to get a bath. She is the one who chose not to put shorts or jeans on over the pull up. She also chose the dress up shoes given to her by her cousins Sarah Jane and William.


crazylady said...

Her style from you huh. Please tell me you're not sitting on the porch wearing Depends and a pink Tshirt with a pack of smokes held up by the sleeve cuff rolled up?
Glenys is sooo cute pantless. YOU are wearing pants aren't you?

kerri said...

Love the shoes, great shot with the bubbles. Hey Sen, what wrong with the depends, it saves time, who gets bathroom breaks when your a Mom. It's okay , I can laugh and pee....