Friday, May 18, 2007

20th post in Every day in May

(This photo is just because she is cute and has no relevance to the post.)

Okay so tonight at my mom's house for dinner, G has a huge melt down. HUGE. She is basically showing out to see who will come to her rescue. She knows my parents and what do they do but come to her rescue. She refused to calm down so I told her we would just leave and go home. We weren't going to ruin every one's dinner by her crying. So we head out and my mom with hot pan of bread comes running up to me and saying "Please don't do this."

It wasn't like I was beating this child which I don't ever do. She just needed to go away from the audience to get control of herself. She is a major drama queen. She got mad at me for asking her to go to the potty which she had not done in 2 hours since I had been there, just too busy. To stop and go potty means the fun has to stop, so who wants to go potty?

Here is the kicker, my parents had to help me out financially this past year and I am currently living rent free in their house, not with them but one they own. I don't feel like I have rights to my child when we are together. I would not let G throw a fit like that in a store, I would carry her out. Same darn difference. I was carrying her out and away. Grammie's house should be a treat not a right, and she should learn to act appropriately even there. I am also posting to vent because I don't really want comments negative or positive regarding my parents. They are all we have and they are not bad parents nor do they intend to control. I just don't remember this amount of interfering with the other grandkids. Maybe it is because G is mine.

She did eventually calm down, then I get the "When she gets upset like that..." speech from my dad. My mom said she understood and knew that she shouldn't, but that it was breaking her heart to hear G cry. I mean I realize they have a very special relationship with G and I don't want to ever ruin that. But this coming to her rescue when it is not necessary, stepping in between without really understanding. I am not made at my mom and dad just disappointed in myself for becoming G's sister around them.

After we did return because G did get herself under control, she only wanted me to do things for her. So that lets me know that G understood and she wasn't mad at me, nor I at her. Sometimes we just need to get alone and get control of ourselves.

Later, when I asked G why she had gotten upset she said the poopy in her tummy that made her tummy hurt made her cry and get upset like that. She could me more right that she knows!!

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