Monday, May 21, 2007

21st Post in Every Day in May

Okay so this post is about the total story teller as in "fibber" that is my child. This is a function of being a child I believe/hope. There have been several times she has looked me straight in the face and told me a fib. Lie is an awfully strong word that I hate to use for a three year old but that is what she does.

A couple of nights ago G fed the cats and then it was quiet. I called for her and she came out of the back room with the tell tell guilt look. I said, "Where you playing in the soap?" With a straight face she said, "No." I said, "Let me smell your hand." Sure enough she had been playing in the Tide clothes washing powder. No she did not eat it and it is now put out of reach. She also knows not to mess with it. And we washed it off her hands.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, G sat on our cat, Simon. Not only did I see her do it but I heard him cry. After I screamed at her to get off the cat, I said did you just sit on the cat? To which she replied, "No." I said, "Well, I saw you." She said, "Well, I was riding a horse."

Next, again last night, she did drank out of a cup that was sitting on my bathroom cabinet. I yelled, "Yuck, put that down." She looked at me, startled at first then grinned and clapped and said, "Yea." I said, "That's not a 'yea'." Then she giggled to deep and so real that I couldn't keep from laughing. Then her tickle box got turned over. (This was just a cute "had to have been there" story but who can resist a toddler giggling?)

This morning, she hit our cat, Abigail, in the head with her fist. I watched the whole thing. I said, "Did you just hit the cat?" She said, "No, it was an accident." I said, "Oh but I think it was an on purpose."

These are just 4 of the most recent episodes. She is turning out to be a real fibber. I have started telling her that she will not be in as much trouble if she tells me the truth.

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crazylady said...

Accidently on purpose. Didn't you ever hear of that? White lies are sometimes a necessary evil.
Aw, it's just funny when they're plain fibbing to your face.