Tuesday, May 22, 2007

22nd post in Every Day in May

These riots took place in my child's province, but not her city. It is a shame the lengths people will go to to prevent children being brought into the world. The officials go way to far to enforce the policy. Some of the families have lost everything or rather had everything taken. I also linked the NY Times article in the title of this post.

ONE-CHILD POLICY: Villagers Riot Over Fines, Mistreatment
Mon May 21, 2007 6:17 am (PST)
Villagers Riot Over Family Planning Fines(via Reuters, May 21/07)Villagers rioted in Shabei county in Guangxi, attacking officials and burning cars, in protest against attempts to enforce strict family-planning policies.The villagers clashed with officials and police armed with guns and electric cattle prods, pulling down a wall surrounding the government office, turning over cars, and burning part of its main building."The big gate and two cars near it were all burnt and black, and broken glass, bricks and rubbish were everywhere," according to one villager.He said dozens had been detained by police.Local government and police officials reached by telephone declined to comment. An official from neighboring Shapo county confirmed the riot had taken place, but refused to give details.A doctor at Shabei hospital said several injured people had been treated there. One protester had been hit on the head by a brick thrown from the government building, and two injured officials had also been brought in for treatment, he said.The protests were linked to local government moves to intensify family-planning policies, villagers said. Some couples with more than one child must pay fines of up to tens of thousand yuan, the villagers said."The family-planning officials were just like the Japanese invaders during the war. They took everything away, and destroyed or tore down the houses if people could not pay the fines," said one villager surnamed Wu. "In some families, even the gate and bowls were taken away,leaving them with an empty house."Wu said he had seen about 20 buses and other vehicles full of riot police, and he put the number of protesters at up to 10,000. His account could not be confirmed.

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