Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23rd post in Every Day in May

Two years ago today, I received the call I had been waiting on for 2 years, "It's a Girl!" I was not at my desk and I received the call at work on my cell phone. I had to borrow a desk to sit and write what I was told. I borrowed a phone to call my mom and attempted a conference call with mom and dad. It was all a cluster fuster. Finally, I got them both on the phone to share the news. Then we received a fuzzy faxed pic of this one with the actual spelled correctly information.

Wu Bao Jiang was waiting in Wuzhou SWI, foster care program in Guangxi Autonomous Region. Was 13 months and 1 day old. We would travel 8 weeks later for Gotcha Day (July 25, 2005)

This morning I gave G a large paper back picture book of China (found on China Sprout sight), a DVD of the Wind and the Willows and (the best gift) a Care*Bear activity book. The stickers are the bomb. Does she understand the implications? Doubt it. All she knows is today is all about her and she wants more presents.

Two days later I received the actual color pics and referral info via UPS. Nope didn't get the picture of the UPS man and arranging a meeting with my parents to actually open the info was another cluster fuster.


crazylady said...

happy happy happy happy happy happy day, chicklet.
If I were there, I'd give you an air kiss. ...and real one for Glenys. said...

Oh, was she the cutest. Still is of course... You're such a great mommy.

Big hugs. Rony