Friday, May 25, 2007

25th post in Every Day in May

This is late due to scanner issues. This was G's mother's day picture to me. This is G and I. I have the elbows and arms. She has the legs and knees.

Notice also we both have eyebrows but no hair. I think it is a pretty good caricature of us.

The teacher made a book of every child's drawing. The mother received the original and copies of the other children's pics.

The teacher asked each child why they loved their mom and this was G's answer. Either G drew the pic upside down or the teacher wrote it upside down. One of the kids said he loved his mom because she worked. So that is how I knew the teacher asked. G was very upset though because one of the kids colored on her mommy. That was also how I knew which one I was supposed to be.

By the way, G's picture was the only one with any kind of definability to it (is that a word?). Everyone else's page looked like the scribble that this child did on G's pic. G does not yet recognize her numbers by site although she counts past 20 fairly well, but she is a dang good artist!!!!


Molly's Mum said...

Awwwww that is sooooooooo cute!! Glad to be back in touch lovie xxxxx

crazylady said...

so glad those circles are on the elbows.... I think your kiddo is talented. First she takes better photos, and now this? Let's see your drawing :o) said...

No hair? What is she trying to tell you?


Rhonda said...

She did a great job! What a great keepsake for Mother's Day.