Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29th post in Every Day in May

"On 19 May, the residents of Bobai, a town in China's southern Guanxi Province, rose up against the policy. Communist Party officials started going house to house to collect fines for having a second child. According to reports, the officials tried to intimidate rule-breakers into paying, but locals fought back by burning cars and destroying official buildings. Many Chinese would prefer to avoid this kind of confrontation with the state, which is still hugely powerful. That is why so many choose to take fertility drugs in the hope of a multiple pregnancy. If you have all your children in one go in China, you do not have to worry about a fine and a fight with the Communist Party. The Chinese government insists its one-child policy has to remain in place for many more years, as it believes it is the only viable way of controlling the country's population. But with fertility drugs, the people of Buffalo village have now found their own reliable way of beating the system. Story from BBC NEWS:"

Just think this riot happened on the 2nd anniversary of G's finding day, May 19th. If she had not been abandoned/found I could not have taken this birthday suit pic of her in April. She chose to strut her stuff with her b-day balloons. I hesitate to post her bum but it is a really cute photo. Amazing the things I take for granted about G until I read stories like this from China.

These riots happened in her home province. One more reason to say that G was saved from a very tough life and for a reason that she will grow to understand later. I did not save her and am not saying I did. But as a Christian, I believe and will teach her that God knows her purpose for being and that He will direct her paths. It may be to return one day to her country to adopt too or just to help in some small way. Maybe she will go teach English as a Second Language there. Who knows and God will show her in His time.


crazylady said...

I read this already and don't know what to say. It is bad enough to have happened, and just makes explaining this to others not involved in adoption from China THAT much more difficult. No wonder we get mean comments.

crazylady said...

Oh and nice bum

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

My little angels are from Guangxi too.