Wednesday, May 30, 2007

30th post in Every Day in May-Childhood Memories

Sen had a great idea for a meme of childhood memories. She listed ten but the meme is for five. So here it goes:

1) Playing for hours on the metal swing set that was so old their were no longer swings. We, my brother and I, just hung upside down and turned flips off the top bar. Nothing like rusting play yard equipment to keep a 10-year-old entertained.
2) Going camping and bathing in the rivers. Mom bought ivory soap because it floats. Dad would cut our old pairs of tennis shoes so that the toes were open and we would climb all over the river rocks/streams playing. Sleeping in the camper was so much fun at the age of 6 or 7. We would go with another family and the adults would stay up talking after the kids had gone to bed. The only bad was mosquitoes and the campground bathrooms which I cannot forget the horrible smell. Smelled worse than the squat pots at the Great Wall.
3) I spent one week every summer with my maternal grandmother who happened to be a deputy for the Sommerville, TN, sheriff's dept. She actually was the secretary and had been deputized to transport juvies. I would go spend some time with her at work when my aunt couldn't keep me. I got to look at the pot growing in her office literally for evidence. I also spent time in the floor of the sheriff's office looking at all the confiscated weapons. It was pretty cool. Once she even took us on a tour of the actual jail. Kind of like a human zoo I suppose looking back at it. Very impressionable to a kid though.
4) Going to visit the same grandmother on weekends. She would always have dinner of spaghetti and corn bread made. She would have toast for me since I hadn't learned to like corn bread. I got to sleep with her which was not good for her as I was a bed wetter and a very heavy sleeper.
5) Playing checkers with my paternal grandparents. They never ever ever let me win. Neither my grandmother or grandad believed in letting kids win just to win. They did however try to help us and gave us moves to make. They were teaching us to pay attention.
Now I tag:
3) Mortimer's Mom (Otherwise knows as Dumpling's and Beach Ball's Mom)


crazylady said...

I had to write down my comments this many...
1) tetanus highly overrated...probably urban legend
2) Ivory floats,but of course! You DO look like an Ivory girl after all
3) No shame in admitting you spent time in Juvey Hall... even if Grams had to put you there herself
4) Grandma's make the BEST spaghetti. Still trying to steal MIL's recipe!
5) Never let you win huh? That's why us broad grew up tough survivors. I might let my kids win once...okay maybe twice.

And finally, glad to see I progressed from 'she' to me. :o)
You like me right? said...

Great list!!! So your Grams was a Sheriff? Had to be some interesting talk in your family....