Thursday, May 03, 2007

3rd Post in Everyday in May

I am stealing again. This photo is from my daughter's camera. The camera I bought her so she would stop touching my camera lens with her greasy fingers. This is the back of our yard/house. This is our peony bush that is almost as tall as she is. The flowers bloom around her birthday. Peonies originated in China.

This house used to be her great grandmother's home. I am finding all kinds of links to firmly plant G here. Everyone needs a solid foundation with deep roots. Poor girl has been uprooted and brought here, but I am finding ways to root my child deep in our lives in our families history and still keep a remembrance of her Chinese roots. No not through a plant, but this plant keeps me reminded of where she originated, and yes she can grow here just like that plant with deep loving roots.
(How is that for deep?)


crazylady said...

Okay, mushy yet something I have an admiration for. Well actually peonies are my arch nemesis. This will be year 7 at the house, with me hoping the damn peony bushes will bloom. They are dividings from friends and a a neighbour. Her's thrive just two feet across the fence, yet mine are always just bushes, no flowers. The scent of the peony is ecstatic to me. Pure endorphin in a petal. They hate having been planted deep, but not too shallow, need lots of sunshine, little fertilizer, lots of well drained soil but not soggy....and the part I cringe about, goes into pissed off shock for up to 10 years once moved before reblooming. So I'm guessing my 3 bushes aren't finished with my penance yet. I did move them at year 2 unknowing I reset the clock again. Keep threatenting to hack em up. Talking at them with my wavy knarled finger. The shoots have sprouted pink again, though not due for at least a couple weeks. Wish me luck. They are by the way, the National flower of China.
Perhaps appropriate for a theme. Once moved, takes a long time to establish roots, but once blooming, it is indestructible.

Kim said...

i am going to have to go buy a peony now - I have been wanting one since I found out it one of the few plants that survive the winters here, but now that I've learned it originated in China its a done deal :) It will be Jaiden's first tree - or is it a bush?