Friday, May 04, 2007

4th post in Everyday in May

Okay this is another theft from dear daughter's camera. This is actually a barn that backs up to the side of our yard. The dog house next to it is ours and never has been used by the dog only snakes. Anyway, part of what I like about the picture is the view and the other is the effect. The effect is just from the camera itself. The blurry edges etc just from not a high quality camera. I actually live in a town and the lots are not super big. We live on a block not in the country not even in a development. My grandmother used to keep a garden until she was just too old. I imagine at one point folks kept chickens etc too. Now we have dogs and cats running loose in the neighborhood. More people have put up privacy fences. Everyone is closing off in their own world. Just the cost of progress I guess.

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crazylady said...

You SO lost me at snakes. One perk about freezing the bejeebees outta ya up north in Toronto, is that even the snakes don't like it. GOOD.
Wussy wagon me.